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Procedural Rule 2.20 Filing of Pleadings and Other Documents.

Except for the claimant's Petition to Controvert (in triplicate); proposed order for approval of settlement (original and three copies); and briefs to the Commission (original and two copies); only one copy of a pleading or other document is required to be filed at the Commission, either by mail or electronically through the Attorney Transmittal Online System (ATOS). Once a claim is controverted, each party shall certify that he or she has sent a copy of the pleading or other document to each other party to the claim whether filed by mail or electronically. Effective January 1, 2018, attorneys must file all accepted documents electronically through the Attorney Transmittal Online System (ATOS).

Any document or pleading prepared by an attorney for a party shall contain the typed or printed name, official Mississippi Bar identification number, email address, mailing address and telephone number of the attorney. All pleadings and other documents filed with the Commission, including any stenographically reported depositions, shall be typed or printed on letter size (8-1/2" x 11") paper to conform with the Mississippi Rules of Civil Procedure and the Mississippi Rules of Appellate Procedure and shall contain the style of the claim and Commission file number.

Any proposed order submitted to the Commission or Administrative Judge shall be signed by the party preparing the order, and where the proposed order is an agreed or joint order, such as an order approving settlement, it must be signed and approved by an attorney or other legal representative for each party.

This Rule shall be in force and effect on and after January 18, 2018.

Source: Miss. Code Ann. § 71-3-85.

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