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Procedural Rule 2.6 Notice of Hearing.

Absent agreement by the parties, the Commission will give notice of an evidentiary hearing at least twenty (20) days before the hearing date. The notice shall contain the names of the parties and the date, time and place of the hearing. The hearing will be limited solely to the issues reflected by the pleadings, requests for admissions, and prehearing statements.

Per Miss. Code Ann. Section 71-3-55(3), the Commission may designate one or more central locations within the territory of each Administrative Judge, other than the county where the injury occurred, as the location for all hearings by the Administrative Judge in that territory. The hearing locations are listed on the Commission's website.

The parties shall contact each other fourteen (14) days prior to the hearing to discuss settlement. Counsel for the employer/carrier shall report the results of this discussion via e-mail to the Administrative Judge's legal assistant.

This Rule shall be in force and effect on and after January 18, 2018.

Source: Miss. Code Ann. § 71-3-85.

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