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Indiana Workers' Compensation Legal Library

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631 IAC 1-1-10 Expediting proceedings; notice of hearings; continuances

Authority: IC 22-3-1-3

Affected: IC 22-3

Sec. 10. (a) The policy of the board, implementing the spirit of the worker's compensation act (IC 22-3-2 through IC 22-3-6), is to determine all questions brought before it as speedily and expeditiously as possible. Therefore, proceedings before the board shall be conducted with the least possible expense and with the greatest practical dispatch. Notice of all hearings and proceedings before the board, unless otherwise directed by statute, shall be given by electronic mail when possible. If not, notice shall be by U.S. mail, and proof of the mailing of any such notice shall be prima facie proof of the service thereof.

The board shall give notice by electronic or U.S. mail to all parties or their counsel of each hearing scheduled before either a single hearing member or the full board. When it appears from the board's records that any party in a proceeding pending before it is represented by an attorney, the notices as well as all other communications concerning the proceeding shall be sent to the attorney or attorneys. Unless otherwise ordered by the board, at least ten (10) days notice of all hearings will be given from the date of mailing the notice thereof.
There shall be no continuances granted to either party except for good cause shown by motion. All requests for continuances must be filed not less than ten (10) days before a scheduled hearing. Any request for continuance filed less than ten
days prior to a scheduled hearing will be denied unless there shall be conclusively shown in the motion or petition that, in addition to good cause for the continuance, an emergency exists excusing the late filing of the request.
If a request for a continuance is refused by the board, the board may proceed to make any adjudication necessary for a final determination of a pending application.

(Worker's Compensation Board of Indiana; Rule 12; filed Jul 17, 1963, 11:10 p.m.: Rules and Regs. 1964, p. 106; filed Aug 31, 1966, 2:15 p.m.: Rules and Regs. 1967, p. 84; filed May 12, 1983, 10:15 a.m.: 6 IR 1241, eff Sep 1, 1983; readopted filed Nov 13, 2001, 12:20 p.m.: 25 IR 1305; readopted filed Oct 12, 2007, 1:09 p.m.: 20071031IR-631070472RFA; filed May 4, 2012, 10:15 a.m.: 20120530-IR-631110357FRA; readopted filed Sep 10, 2013, 12:41 p.m.: 20131009-IR-631130349RFA) NOTE: Transferred from the Industrial Board of Indiana (630 IAC 1-1-12) to the Worker's Compensation Board of Indiana (631 IAC 1-1-10) by P.L.28-1988, SECTION 121, effective July 1, 1988.

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