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Federal Workers' Compensation Legal Library

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§8119. Notice of injury or death

An employee injured in the performance of his duty, or someone on his behalf, shall give notice thereof. Notice of a death believed to be related to the employment shall be given by an eligible beneficiary specified in section 8133 of this title, or someone on his behalf. A notice of injury or death shall--

(a) be given within 30 days after the injury or death;

(b) be given to the immediate superior of the employee by personal delivery or by depositing it in the mail properly stamped and addressed;

(c) be in writing;

(d) state the name and address of the employee;

(e) state the year, month, day, and hour when and the particular locality where the injury or death occurred;

(f) state the cause and nature of the injury, or, in the case of death, the employment factors believed to be the cause; and

(g) be signed by and contain the address of the individual giving the notice.

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