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80.52 Payment of permanent disability where the degree of permanency is disputed.

Where injury is conceded, but the employer or the employer's insurer disputes the extent of permanent disability, payment of permanent disability shall begin with the later of sub. (1) or (2) :

(1) Within 30 days of a report that provides the permanent disability rating, in the amount of the permanency set forth in the report; or
(2) Within 30 days after the employer or insurer receives a report from an examination performed under s. 102.13 (1) (a) , Stats., in the amount of the permanent disability found as a result of that medical examination, if any. If such an examination had not previously been performed, the employer or employer's insurer must give notice of a request for such an examination within 30 days of receiving a report that establishes the permanent disability under sub. (1) . If a report from the examination is not available within 90 days of the request for the examination, the employer and insurer shall begin payment of the permanent disability set forth in the report under sub. (1) .

History: CR 03-;125 : cr. Register June 2004 No. 582 , eff. 7-;1-;04.

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