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80.68 Payment of benefits under s. 102.59, Stats.

(1) Payment of benefits under s. 102.59 , Stats., shall initially be made to the individual entitled to the benefits at such time as payments of primary compensation by the employer cease to be made or would have been made had there been no payment under s. 102.32 (6m) , Stats., unless the preexisting disability and the disability for which primary compensation is being paid combine to result in permanent total disability.

(2) Payments received by an employee or dependent from an account in a financial institution or from an annuity policy where such account or annuity policy are established through settlement of the claim for primary compensation, shall be considered payments by the employer or insurance carrier.
(3) Payments under s. 102.59 , Stats., shall be on a periodic basis but subject to s. 102.32 (6m) and (7) , Stats. Note: This rule is adopted to insure the solvency of the work injury supplemental benefit and to insure the protection of dependents as of the date of death of the employee with the preexisting disability. History: Cr. Register, September, 1986, No. 369 , eff. 10-;1-;86; CR 07-;019 : am.
(1) and (3), Register October 2007 No. 622 , eff. 11-;1-;07.

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