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80.51 Computation of weekly wage. Pursuant to s. 102.11 , Stats.

(1) In determining daily earnings, if the number of hours a full-;time employee worked had been either decreased or increased for a period of at least 90 total days prior to the injury, then this revised schedule worked during those 90 days shall be considered to be normal full-;time employment.
(2) When an employee furnishes his or her truck to the employer and is paid by the employer in gross to include operating expenses, one-;third of that gross sum is considered as wages except as a showing is made to the contrary.
(3) Prisoners injured in prison industries are considered to be earning the maximum average weekly earnings under the provisions of s. 102.11 , Stats., except as a showing is made to the contrary.
(4) The 24 hour minimum workweek under s. 102.11 (1) (f) , Stats., does not apply to a part-;time employee unless the employee is a member of a regularly scheduled class of part-;time employees. In all other cases part-;time employment is on the basis of normal full-;time employment in such job. However, this subsection does not apply to part-;time employees defined in s. 102.11

(1) (f), Stats., who restrict availability on the labor market. As to the employees so defined, those wages will be expanded to the normal part-;time or full-;time wages unless the employer or insurance company complies with s. 80.02 (2) (d) .

History: Cr. Register, September, 1982, No. 321 , eff. 10-;1-;82; CR 07-;019 : am. (4), Register October 2007 No. 622 , eff. 11-;1-;07.

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