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80.39 Advance payment of unaccrued compensation.

(1) The department may order partial or full payment of unaccrued compensation to an employee or his or her dependents pursuant to s. 102.32 (6m) , Stats., upon consideration of the following factors:

(a) The length of time since the injury;

(b) The total income of the employee or the dependent;

(c) The income of others in the employee's or the dependent's household;

(d) The age of the employee or the dependent;

(e) The other available assets of the employee or the dependent;

(f) The loss of benefits because of interest credit due to self-; insured employer or insurance carrier;

(g) The purpose for which the advancement is requested;

(h) The other financial obligations of the employee or the dependent;

(i) The employment status of the employee or the dependent;

(j) If the advancement is requested for the purchase of real estate, the cost of the real estate and availability of other necessary financing for the real estate;

(k) The employee's or the dependent's previous experience in and likelihood of success in a proposed business venture;

(L) The probable income and security of any proposed investment; and

(m) Other information indicating whether an advancement is in the best interest of the applicant.

History: Cr. Register, September, 1982, No. 321 , eff. 10-;1-;82; CR 07-;019 : am. (1), Register October 2007 No. 622 , eff. 11-;1-;07.

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