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80.22 Use of physicians' reports as evidence.

(1) Matters stated in such report which would not be competent or material evidence if given as oral testimony shall not be competent or material as prima facie evidence if objection is made, except as corroborated by competent and material oral testimony.

Note: See s. 102.17 (1) (d) , Stats.

(2) Use of reports shall be permitted in any case in which claim for compensation is made, provided the reporting doctor is available for cross examination.

(3) An applicant shall be informed of the provisions of s.

102.17 (1) (d), Stats., and the department's rules and also that a form for reporting will be supplied to the applicant upon request.

(4) Report shall be submitted to the department upon a form prescribed by the department and shall be verified or certified. The department may require additional or supplementary reports. Upon failure of the applicant to submit such reports within the time specified prior to hearing, all reports previously filed may, in the discretion of the department, be excluded as evidence.
(5) Reports shall be filed with the application for adjustment of claim or as soon thereafter as possible. Reports not filed with the department 15 days prior to the date of hearing shall not be acceptable as evidence except upon good cause for failure so to file, established to the satisfaction of the department.
(6) Simultaneously with the filing of a WKC-;16B form or a verified report of a vocational expert with the department, a party shall serve copies upon all other parties in interest. Service upon the designated representative of a party shall be deemed service upon the party. Service upon the insurance carrier for an employer shall be deemed service upon the employer. However, if a party does not have a representative, the department may elect to make service upon other parties.

History: 1-;2-;56 ; am. (intro. par.), (7) and (4), Register, October, 1965, No. 118 , eff. 11-;1-;65; am. Register, April, 1975, No. 232 , eff. 5-;1-;75; am. (3) and r. and recr. (6), Register, September, 1982, No. 321 , eff. 10-;1-;82; am. (intro.), Register, Septem ber, 1986, No. 369 , eff. 10-;1-;86; reprinted to restore dropped copy in (1), Register September 2005 No. 597 .

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