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DWD 80.15 Payments after an order. Except as provided
in s. 102.21, Stats., if the department orders a party to pay
an award of compensation, the party shall pay the award no later
than 21 days after the date on which the order is mailed to the last−
known address of the party, unless a party files a petition for
review under s. 102.18 (3), Stats. This section applies to all awards
of compensation ordered by the department, whether the award
results from a hearing, the default of a party, or a compromise or
stipulation confirmed by the department.

History: Cr. Register, July, 1996, No. 487, eff. 8-1-96; CR 02-094: r. and recr. Register November 2002 No. 563, eff. 12-1-02; CR 07-019: r., Register October 2007 No. 622, eff. 11-1-07.

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