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80.025 Inspection and copying of records.

(1) The policy of the state on public access to records is set forth in ss. 19.31 to 19.37 , Stats. The policy of the department is to provide, to the greatest extent possible, ready and open access to public records. In the worker's compensation division, access may be limited in particular cases only when consideration of the information in a file leads to the conclusion that the public interest served by nondisclosure is greater than the public interest served by disclosure. The inspection and copying of worker's compensation records shall be subject to the conditions specified in this section.
(2) The requester shall provide sufficient information on each individual file requested to permit identification and location of the specific file. Desirable information on claim files includes:
(a) The correct name of the individual who has claimed a work-;related disability;
(b) The claimant's social security number;
(c) The date the claimed injury or illness occurred;
(d) The name of the employing firm or firms at the time of the claimed injury or illness; (e) The name of the employing firm's insurance carrier.
(3) Requesters may inspect claim files only in the division's Madison office and under the supervision of division staff. Requesters shall direct requests to inspect files to the receptionist between the hours of 7:45 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Requesters shall return all files by 4:30 p.m.
(4) Requesters may not remove files from the division offices without written authorization from the administrator of the division.
(5) Requesters wishing to make copies of all or a part of a file may do so under the supervision of division staff on the coin-;operated copy machine provided for that purpose.
(6) The division shall provide transcripts of testimony taken or proceedings had before the division only in accordance with s. 80.14 .

(7) The division shall furnish copies of documents from worker's compensation claim files as requested, with the following limits:
(a) At least one week must be allowed before copies can be delivered or mailed.
(b) Advance payment shall not be required except as provided in par. (e) . The division shall send an invoice to the requester for the necessary costs as set forth in par. (c) .

(c) The following fees shall apply:

  1. 20 cents per page for photocopying.

  2. $2.00 for certifying copies.

3. $3.00 per request for postage and handling when copies are to be mailed.

(d) Upon a proper showing of inability to pay, the division shall furnish the requested copies upon such terms as may be agreed.
(e) If the requester has unpaid copying fees from prior requests outstanding in an amount that exceeds $5.00, the division shall require the requester to pay the amount owed before providing more copies.

History: Cr. Register, March, 1986, No. 363 , eff. 4-;1-;86.

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