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102.55 Application of schedules.

(1) Whenever amputation of a member is made between any 2 joints mentioned in the " schedule in s. 102.52 the determined loss and resultant indemnity therefor shall bear such relation to the loss and indemnity applicable in case of amputation at the joint next nearer the body as such injury bears to one of amputation at the joint nearer the body.

For the purposes of this schedule permanent and complete paralysis of any member shall be deemed equivalent to the loss thereof.
For all other injuries to the members of the body or its faculties that are specified in the schedule under s. 102.52 resulting in permanent disability, though the member is not actually severed or the faculty is not totally lost, compensation shall bear such relation to the compensation named in the schedule as the disability bears to the disability named in the schedule. Indemnity in those cases shall be determined by allowing weekly indemnity during the healing period resulting from the injury and the percentage of permanent disability resulting after the healing period as found by the department or the division.

History: 2015 a. 55 .

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