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102.21 Payment of awards by local governmental units.

When an award is made under this chapter or s. 66.191 , 1981 stats., against any local governmental unit, the person in whose favor the award is made shall file a certified copy of the award with the clerk of the local governmental unit. Unless an appeal is taken, within 20 days after that filing, the clerk shall draw an order on the treasurer of the local governmental unit for the payment of the award. If upon appeal the award is affirmed in whole or in part, the clerk shall draw an order for payment of the award within 10 days after a certified copy of the judgment affirming the award is filed with that clerk. If the award or judgment provides for more than one payment, the clerk shall draw orders for payment as the payments become due. No statute relating to the filing of claims against, or the auditing, allowing, and payment of claims by, a local governmental unit applies to the payment of an award or judgment under this section.

History: 1983 a. 191 s. 6 ; 2015 a. 55 , 180 .

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