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102.075 Election by sole proprietor, partner or member.

(1) Any sole proprietor, partner or member of a limited liability company engaged in a vocation, profession or business on a substantially full−time basis may elect to be an employee under this chapter by procuring insurance against injury sustained in the pursuit of that vocation, profession or business. This coverage may be obtained by endorsement on an existing policy of worker's compensation insurance or by issuance of a separate policy to the sole proprietor, partner or member on the same basis as any other policy of worker's compensation insurance.

(2) For the purpose of any insurance policy other than a worker's compensation insurance policy, no sole proprietor, partner or member may be considered eligible for worker's compensation benefits unless he or she elected to be an employee under this section.

(3) Any sole proprietor, partner or member who elected to be an employee under this section may withdraw that election upon 30 days' prior written notice to the insurance carrier and the Wisconsin compensation rating bureau.

History: 1983 a. 98; 1993 a. 112.

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