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296-15-4318 What must the self-insurer do when the worker elects option 2 benefits and the claim is closed?

The self-insurer must submit a quarterly report to the department on a form stipulated by the department listing the total retraining costs paid to date for each worker since the option 2 benefit was granted. These quarterly reports must document all funds expended and funds that remain available for all workers of the employer until each worker has expended the total vocational costs available to him or her, or until five years have passed since the benefit was granted.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.04.020, 51.04.030, 51.32.095, 51.32.099 and 51.32.0991 (2007 c 72). WSR 08-06-058, § 296-15-4318, filed 2/29/08, effective 3/31/08.]

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