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North Carolina Self-Insurance Security Association.


§97-136. Powers and duties of the Commissioner.

(a) The Commissioner shall:

  1. Notify the Association of the existence of an insolvent member self-insurer not later than 30 days after he receives notice of an insolvency pursuant to the standards set forth in G.S. 97-135.

(b) The Commissioner may:

  1. Require that the Association notify the insureds of the insolvent member self-insurer and any other interested parties of the insolvency and of their rights under this Article. The notifications shall be by mail at their last known addresses, where available; but if required information for notification is not available, notice by publication in a newspaper of general circulation in this State shall be sufficient; and

  2. Revoke the designation of any servicing facility if the Commissioner finds claims are being handled unsatisfactorily. (1985 (Reg. Sess., 1986), c. 1013, s. 1; 2005.)

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