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North Carolina Workers' Compensation Legal Library

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Workers' Compensation Act.


§97-69. Examination by advisory medical committee; inspection of medical reports.

The advisory medical committee, upon reference to it of a case of occupational disease shall notify the employee or, in case he is dead, his dependents or personal representative, and his employer to appear before the advisory medical committee at a time and place stated in the notice. If the employee be living, he shall appear before the advisory medical committee at the time and place specified then or thereafter and he shall submit to such examinations including clinical and X-ray examinations as the advisory medical committee may require. The employee, or, if he be dead, the claimant and the employer shall be entitled to have present at all such examinations a physician admitted to practice medicine in the State who shall be given every reasonable facility for observing every such examination whose services shall be paid for by the claimant or by the employer who engaged his services. If a physician admitted to practice medicine in the State shall certify that the employee is physically unable to appear at the time and place designated by the advisory medical committee, such committee may, upon the advice of the Industrial Commission, and on notice to the employer, change the place and/or time of the examination so as to reasonably facilitate the examination of the employee, and in any such case the employer shall furnish transportation and provide for other reasonably necessary expenses incidental to necessary travel. The claimant and the employer shall produce to the advisory medical committee all reports of medical and X-ray examinations which may be in their receptive possession or control showing the past or present condition of the employee to assist the advisory medical committee in reaching its conclusions. Provided that this section shall not apply to a living employee who has contracted asbestosis or silicosis. (1935, c. 123; 1955, c. 525, s. 5.)

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