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Employee Information

Understanding Legal Forms

Legal forms are a simple means of communicating necessary information to a court and to the other parties. They generally serve two functions. The first is to ask the court to do something and the second is to provide the court with information it needs to decide whether to give you what you are asking for. Many of these forms are self-explanatory in that they state precisely what information needs to be filled out in each section. It is not absolutely necessary that you use a typewriter or computer to fill in the forms, although typing is preferred by the court and division and gives much more professional appearance than handwriting. If typing is not possible, then the forms should be printed and your writing should be able to be easily read. After the papers have been filled out, it is usually necessary that they be filed with the Division or with your local workers' compensation judge with a copy going to the other side.

Many of the forms can be filed by mail and the forms can also be presented to the Division or directly to the workers' compensation judge.

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