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*This section is provided as a quick reference tool only.
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Employer Information

Following The Accident

Staying in contact with the injured worker is very important to the workers' compensation process. An employer should make itself available to answer any and all questions and to reassure the injured employee concerning medical and indemnity benefits available and, if possible, job security. While an employee's attitude or motive may be subject to being suspect after an accident, the informed employer will try to do everything to monitor the injury, investigation, and payment of benefits. Worker satisfaction is an important part of reducing litigation. Problems with the physicians, medical authorizations, benefit checks, etc. can be alleviated or avoided with the help of the employer who stays on top of the problems and helps the injured worker communicate with the insurance adjustor.

Contact with the carrier, the carrier's attorney, the claims adjustor and other witnesses is extremely important in monitoring a file. The adjustor should stay in contact with the treating physician and monitor the return-to-work status and medical treatment of the employee.

*This section is provided as a reference tool only. Benefit rates as well as State agency contacts, phone numbers and addresses may change periodically and are not guaranteed. Please send notification of any changes to