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*This section is provided as a quick reference tool only.
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Employer Information

Medical Treatment

Injured workers are entitled to care that is medically necessary based on the nature of the injury or process of recovery. This entitlement includes not only remedial care and attention, but also care that mitigates the condition or affects the injury. Diagnostic procedures to determine the cause of the claimant's symptoms are also compensable even if the cause ultimately is found not to be related to the industrial accident. The injured worker is also entitled to medicines, medical supplies, medical equipment, orthoses, prostheses and other medically necessary apparatus. Also, the injured worker is entitled to be reimbursed for reasonable and actual cost of transportation to and from places of treatment.

Severe injuries may require extra ordinary medical benefits, including specially equipped mobile home, rental housing, swimming pools and things of that nature.

To assure medical treatment, it is important that the employee properly seek medical treatment when and as needed. Not only will this protect the injured worker's health but it will also establish a medical record of the work injury and establish a record if there is a dispute concerning the need for care and treatment and help in identifying whether the injured worker should be paid for lost time .

*This section is provided as a reference tool only. Benefit rates as well as State agency contacts, phone numbers and addresses may change periodically and are not guaranteed. Please send notification of any changes to