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Employer Information

Effective Safety Programs

Every employer should want to increase their safety program and reduce on-the-job accidents. You can reduce your workers' compensation exposure by an effective and active safety program. Since a large part of how much is paid for workers' compensation premiums is based upon frequency of injury, the premiums can be reduced with an effective safety program.

One person within your organization should be appointed safety manager and should have the responsibility of full implementation of a safety program. Of utmost importance to the safety manager is the ability to motivate, educate and train employees. Since many accidents can be directly related to unsafe acts, it is the safety manager's responsibility to encourage employees to operate safely.

Part of the safety program should include written rules and procedures to indoctrinate new employees, require periodic inspections, investigate accidents, provide first-aid care and have an effective return-to-work program.

The employer should also be aware that an insurance company has the right to inspect the safety of the workplace. A good safety program requires the involvement of all employees. There are safety programs which can help you comply with the Occupational Safety & Health Act. You can request your workers' compensation carrier to provide a safety consultant to help you implement safety programs, etc.

OSHA also provides consultation, training and information services for employers. has publications available to help you with your insurance coverage and compliance standards.

An effective safety program is a primary consideration of insurers when deciding how and whether to write insurance coverage.

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