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Can your primary doctor put you on stress leave?
I don't know who to turn to, but I am having some issues at work with some managers. I am starting to feel really depressed because on is say to people that I am bipolar and that I am going to kill one of the workers there and the store manager knows about this and is not stopping her. Our shop stuartes is listening to the gossip and making her own comments and on my days off my department manager is calling me to chew me out.. I don't know who to turn to.. I have a 40 mile drive to work every day and I so much time to worry and think of what is going to be said to me when I get there or how I'm going to be treated that I'm not even paying attention to the road. Do you know anyone I can contact or can I go see my doctor before it is to late and I just break down?
this forum is for employers and other work comp professionals. which are you?
if you are an injured worker there is a separate forum for your issues.

in order to start a claim you have to notify your employer that you need medical treatment for work related reasons. do it in writing. whether your claim is compensible or not depends on your states laws. when posting indentify your state.
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information.........
We are moving this thread to the Injured Workers side....
Years ago I was put on Stress Leave for a Week by My PCP, but I didn't even Think of Filing a Claim, after the Break I felt Much Better, and got Back at it! Your Situation May be Much More Severe than Mine was, but I would Strongly Suggest You get Professional Care to get this Stress Under Control. It's Not Healthy for You or the People around You, especially if You are so Distracted You are not Paying Attention to Your Driving! My Suggestion would to be if You have any Sick or Vacation Days, take One or Two and See a Professional, and if They Feel You need an Extended Leave then File a Claim. But as 1171 Mentioned, Make Sure You let Your Employer know that You are Having a Problem, and have it Documented!! I Wish You the Very Best, I know how it Feels to be Stressed to the Point of Distraction!Wink
I'm was sort of in the boat Limbo was in.....my supervisor stressed me out so badly one day I had to leave....very unlike me.....all weekend I felt funny and noticed my face was red.....saw my PCP that TUesday and he put me out of work for two weeks....my BP was 167/95. He called HR for me and told them I was under his care and would be out of work for 2 weeks until he saw me again...No questions asked because of the HIPPA laws.....I never even considered filing a WC claim.

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