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Workers comp w2's
Im not sure if this would be the right section to post this in and I apologize if it isnt, but I was wondering if anyone knows if its possible to obtain your workers comp w2's online? Not sure if it helps, but I live in Ohio. Thank you everyone!
you do not need a w2 for WC it is tax free
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Yes it is tax free, but I too am in O-H-I-O, and my employer continued paying me. They were then reimbursed via BWC. My W-2 shows my wages, not the amount paid via BWC. So what do I do now?
I did this with an injury in '04. My employer paid me and I reimbursed them each time I rec'd a WC check.....it is still not taxable. If your employer sent you a W2 you have the monies paid back to them which counteracts the income.
How confusing.
Did the employer hold out taxes or was the TOTAL amount refunded back to the employer?
Wink To do my taxes this year, I had to fill out a 1099 form.
They figured out my SSD and monies from WC also.
Don't know if this helps, but it is all I gotSmile Big Grin Bernie
L shoulder torn 3.5" R shoulder damaged. Heart damage, carpal tunnel (L&R) cataplexy/narcolepsy, arthritis, hypoglycemic. +. Bernie
I keep getting paid as normal. Taxes are taken out. I recieve NO wc checks, they pay my employer directly for the time I am off. My W-2 shows my total income, but does not account for the money paid by wc. I was just wondering do I get a letter stating how much was wc, and deduct it from my wages?
Absolutely. Talk to an account......Although I was taxed by my employer I didn't file a tax return because they were reimbursed.

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