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pre-trial hearing?
Hi all! I have been gone for a while trying to take some deep breaths and not let this whole WC get the best of me. I had to give myself time to recuperate and now I am back. )

I am not sure if any of you remember, but I injured my back,knee and shoulder back in July. The bone and joint specialist is saying 90% chance of having to have surgery on the shoulder but wants to do a MRI to 100% sure. WC IC is still denying everything even the doctor they sent me to which, BTW says no work until all treatments are completed and also no lifting over five pounds. I am still getting bills from the WC doctor with notes saying the IC says it is not a WC injury, and they will not pay it. It is going into collections next month. Not sure how they expect me to pay it though because they still aren't paying me a dime!

As you can see not much has changed except that a pre-trial hearing has been set for Jan. I have no idea what a pre-trial even is. Anyone care to explain what it is and let me know what to expect?

A pretrial conference is a informal hearing between a judge and attorneys to determine issues and resolve problems.
No evidence taken and witnesses do not appear.
Thank you freebird Smile

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