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Is my seniority affected while I am out of work on w/c? I want to return and pick up just where I left off as far as equipment assigned, hours to be worked, job assignments etc.
Hi Ready, and Welcome to the Forum!! As far as Your Seniority at Work, if You have an Employee Hand Book, or a Union, They May be able to Help. And also if Your Employer has I Believe over 50 Employees, You are Entitled 12 Weeks of FMLA which I Believe Protects Your Job, and Hopefully Your Seniority also! My Very Best, and Again Welcome!!Wink
In my case my seniority was frozen. Ihave returned to work after injuries and after one that I was out for 18 months I lost that 18 months of seniority and also towards my pension. I could have done it differently if I let my employer pay me and then send them my WC checks but it was all so confusing and no one really knew how to explain it. Limbo is 100% on target with his advise. Just wanted to let you know how mine worked.

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