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I have been ran over by a big truck
I feel like crap!!! I have been home off work for 3 days sicker then a dog. I finnaly went to er yesterday, couldnt take it any more (couldnt breathe). Took some exrays, gave me some steroid injections and breathing treatments. they were able to get my o2 level up to 94%, but couldnt get it higher.. I am used to low o2 levels for I have asthma and have bad days but can get levels back up to 97 to 98%.. but the exrays showed pneumonia. And they did not test me for swine but gave me the same med treatment for I have the same symtoms.. Put me on oral steroids and tamiflu and the z-pac and stronger neb treatments.. They gave me the decision to stay in at hospital but I am only 4 to 5 miles from there so I decided to go home... I have to go back in and have a recheck with my primary this afternoon.. My son is still home sick with his cold, when is this bug going to go away for good................Just venting....Bronco
Be happy they didn't swab you for swine, they swab up your nose and it feels like they are swabbing to your brain.

Stay on top of the breathing treatments, they were a big help with my girls.
Get plenty of rest, and drink lots of fluids.

Take care of yourself.
Now I will quit being bossy.

Bummer Knees
and I will start in....it is important you drink and drink and drink lots of liquid as it flushes your body and helps keep it cool and hydrated....it will pass but its gonna feel like forever my RX is your Honey is to pamper you a bit for several days and let you play POGO all you want ...then its back to work bubba...
I am done..... next momma?
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Thanks for the advice, but jayne I like your rx the best... My wife and I are both employed at same place and she is taking over a lot of deliveries while I'm trying to get better.. She is the best and thats why I love her most,
so see you on pogo
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Rest and Get Well Bronco!! And I Hope Your Little One feels Better Soon also!!Wink
Thanks Still, Im trying to rest but my neb treatments and the steroids keep me awake.. Between my work and his school we just dont have the bonding as when he was young. So in a wierd way it's kind of nice spending some time together, even though were sick..
thats what Bill said after he retired he loved being home bonding with these last 3
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

We only had 1 child, wanted another but time went by to long. So when growing up I was there for him untill company changed hours and then kind of came apart..
ahhhhhhh Bronco never say never.....My becca as born 9 years after my tubes were tied we were shocked .....then we adopted 5 so my oldest is 39 and my youngest is 7 you do the math I aint no spring chicken but boy howdy do I love the little buggers
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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