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Is this really how I'm suppose to be treated??
well I was offered a job.It's back in machine repair but it is in extrusion and not carbide manufacturing.It's not ideal, the pay sucks, the hours suck but at least I will be able to pay the bills next month.Any ideas how this would affect my wc claim?Should I tell the lawyer right away? I'm nervous because if it doesnt agree with me and I go in to respiratory distress then I have no way of paying for the medical care. but if I dont take it i have no way of paying rent.this is a slippery slope.any words of wisdom?#100 cool.
take the job and see if your state pays working wage loss, the difference from your prior pay because your job injury now prevents you from earning your prior wage. It will not effect your claim in anyway.
well I accepted the job.my breathing problems have been in control so I pray the stay that way.I called and told the lawyer I couldnt wait for him and wc any longer.of course it was the machine that answered.hopefully this will get him to push more since now it's HIS bottom line that is being affected. Thanks everyone for helping me keep my sanity.I'll update when something happens.Merry Christmas.

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