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Workmans Comp Fraud in the News....
This morning Good Morning America ran a story of how W/C and insurance fraud in general is on the rise because of the state of the economy. The story showed 1 insurance scam, and 2 W/C cases. First case showed an injured worker with a bad back skydiving. The second case showed another worker with a bad back running in high heels in some sort of race? The story then went on to explain how this type of fraud hurts all of us, mainly through higher taxes and premuims paid by the employer.

While I agree fraud is a big issue and it does effect all of us, I feel that it effects the injured worker who has a legitimate claim with A LOT MORE ,then just higher taxes. It feels to me that we are all lumped into the same catagory as the scammers. We constantly have to fight for basic rights that are guarnteed to us under state laws, constantly under scrutiny, always on the defensive, always made to feel as if WE DID something wrong!

Whew, Ok enough ranting for now. I do have one last question; Has anyone ever seen a story on how the I/C treat the injured worker?

It's a Common Human Reaction to want to look at Anything that's put Out in a Negative Manner before trying to Find Positives! That's why Tabloids Sell so Well, and The News will say Something like "6 People Killed in a Car Crash, Film at 6:00"!! They don't Start the Broadcast with the Local Community Bank Helping Others, it's Gossip and Others Misfortunes that Make the Headlines, and the Money! I believe it was Helen Ready that had a Song out about that in the Late 70's or Early 80's asking for Good News instead of Bad! And You and the T.V. Show are Correct, it Hurts the Actual Injured Worker! Hopefully Some Day the World will Look for the Good to Report Instead of the Bad!!Wink
S.I. L.
So true, again just had to vent the story rubbed me wrong... And also Don Henly had a song out that said the same thing "I make my living off the evening news
Just give me something- something I can use
People love it when you lose
They love Dirty Laundry........"
the media is not politically neutral.
national television has moved even more directly to support certain constituencies.
ABC would program more pro-business anti-worker stories then other broadcasters.
despite the evidence that employer fraud far out numbers worker fraud
the 2 to 1 depiction of worker fraud by the network squews the impression that they are the worst offenders.

there have been a number of stories about Insurance carrier abuse as the debate about national health care has been front page news.
Both President Obama and Nancy Pelosi have repeatedly chastised and demonstrated Insurance carrier abuse of the system.
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Nwguy, I had heard of the 2 w/c injured scam before not long ago.


Isn't it so very strange, even as we are injured, sitting around watching the TV, we speak or spoke of the 2 Injured Workers creating a Work Comp Injury Scam.

Yet, we only speak in brief of the 1 Insurance Scam the TV showed. We didn't tell that story or we didn't explain that story first.

How strange, we remember the story of the 2 injured workers scaming the system. This is how the world lQQks at this also. They forget about the Insurance scam, and go right into the workers scam.

The song is called (Dirty Laundry) LOL > 3 Versions of it <




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Well i think once and a while its good for us injured workers. to remind us there are eyes everywhere. I will tell you if you seen me walking down the street you would never no i was disabled.
Fox News ran a story last week about a nurse who had been assaulted by a patient. She reported it. She'd had problems before, was stressed out, she had a stroke 23 hours after she was assaulted. She now lays in a vegetative state. Her employer's insurance company says that it's not work comp. Her families lawyer says that one particular patient had been going after this nurse for several weeks, managers did nothing to stop it.
This caused the nurse to have high blood pressure problems. 'Between the problems going on for weeks causing high blood pressure problems and then a physical assault that left this woman with bruises on her face and neck. That's what caused the stroke and to me it's definitely work comp.

The patient's doctors say she will never recover. A few hours before she collapsed she told her husband she was afraid she'd be fired from her job due to her reporting the assault. How sad.
It's just stupid because you wont get paid the same and if you do. . people who commit w/c fraud are just stupid lazy people. idk why people would want to go to the trouble of dealing with w/c intentionally
its_rob Wrote:It's just stupid because you wont get paid the same and if you do. . people who commit w/c fraud are just stupid lazy people. idk why people would want to go to the trouble of dealing with w/c intentionally

this is very sad and I agree, why would people intentionally get themselves wrapped up in w/c. It's f'n bs if you ask me. You have the potential of not being believed by anyone, ridiculed by either coworkers and employers, people watching your every move and constantly going to the damn Dr.'s and not of your choice. It is a system set up to frustrate people and it never helps your pain that you are going through. I have often thought that myself, that if I was not able to do this or that on behalf of meeting employers expectations, i would lose my job. There have been days where I had been in extreme pain and felt like not going to my PT appts or to see the Dr. in general. Worried and stressed more about the damn employer than my own health. It is sad that we do this to ourselves and put ourselves through agony when this is a tough enough system to have any faith in. The Dr.'s will always see you and they get paid no matter what. They don't even have to give you anything for the pain, just as long as you follow protocol and make it to your scheduled appointments, the i/c and w/c Dr.'s and employer all win. I hate having a w/c injury and I absolutley hate that I cannot do the things I once did that made me and my family happy. You are expected to be sometype of "robot" and keep pushing yourself til there is nothing left for yourself and then what good are you????? Then from all the postings I read, once you've become permanently disabled, they don't want to pay you for all the hell and damage that has been done mentally and physically. W/c fraud is just not worth it to me. I would've rather handled my injuries on my own and just used my own health insurance to pay for everything rather than go through all this traumatizing crap.
I pray that the injured woman and her family gets 100% from w/c because it totally seems like a w/c situation to me.
nov. wright......Alot of us feel as you do. I wish I had the choice when I was injured.

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