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Gene, the only answer I can give you to that is either someone is not being truthful to you, or they have illegally skirted the system somehow. When you do that you may think you're winning in the end, until you get caught. There is Hardship that can be used to not have to pay SSDI back for monies you may have received from SSDI during your case, but I would love to see all the info. on the Person that doesn't have to pay 81k back when they are receiving 200k! I really don't think this is so, I am not saying you are telling what you heard wrong, I think it's been told wrong. If you can find any info. on this Please give me a link, I would Love to read that one!! Best of Luck!!Wink
I cant wait till it comes about myself. It really ticked me off when I heard that cause this person is working on the sly anyways. We have to make sure everything is done just right and others can do whatever they want. Its just not right...
I bet their lawyers are covering their tail ends on this cause they know its not right.
My sisters son got killed in a car accident and he was on medicaid and they wrote her a letter a week after his funeral and told her that if she sued the drivers insurance that they would sue for his hospital and ambulance bills. She didn't sue but the insurance did pay but it wasn't enough for them to go after her about.
I dont see where this case would be any different.
I'll keep updating as I learn more.
Sorry I haven't been on lately. I wanted to update. I just had my back surgery in Dec. and have been told I was accepted for SSDI. The people telling me this is the WC and my attorney. I haven't heard a word from SSDI one way or the other. Attorney is furious because he wanted me to shut down the application and I refused. Now they have sent paperwork from another comp that the WC has hired to work out a set-aside. Apparently they want to know how much has been spent on me so far. Is that what they use to figure the set-aside? I have been told that since they have to do a set-aside that I will not get any settlment. I thought your rating and lack of work time would still come into it somehow.
As you can see I am still totally confused. I have just hired a new attorney that I hope can shed some light on this mess but haven't been able to get down to see them yet since I just had the surgery.
I have the one more surgery to go, total knee replacement. Sounds like alot of fun.
Gene>>>nice to see you. How do you feel??? Surgery a success?? Sounds about right in figuring a set-aside.

CAP Wink
The Set-Aside is for Your Future Medical Care. But You should still have money Coming for Settlement for Yourself, I Surely don't think nor have I ever seen Someones Whole Settlement Amount going for the Set-Aside!!! Personally if I were in Your Situation, I wouldn't even be thinking about Settlement until You at Least reach MMI, and Your Health Issues are Addressed! Good Luck!Wink
Thanks. I don't know why they are pushing for a settlement when they know that I still have the knee to go. I have not even heard anything about MMI, they know good and well no doctor is going to say I am as good as I will ever be till the knee is done.
I think they think that us old GA hillbillies are as dumb as a box of rocks and will go along with everything they say. They should know better than that by now. If I hadn't dug in my heels I would never have got my back surgery in the first place. Had to fight for 6 months on my own.
Hang in there and Fight Gene!! Your New Attorney will Hopefully be Better than Your Last, and able to Answer More of Your Questions, and get Better results for You! I'm Wishing You My Best, and I Hope 2008 is Your Year!!!:)

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