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How American Health Care Became Broken...
I won't get my Medicare until Oct of 2010. Have been approved for SSD. I pay $510 a month for health insurance that I usually only use for prescriptions and have some hefty co-pays. See a Dr. very rarely. This is through my employer so it is better than anything else offered. This is killing us. Since my husband is so sick his co-pays and deductables when he's hospitalized are exuberant. I am disabled. This amount of $$$ is a disgrace. No one can afford this for long. It will cost us over $5000 this year just in premiums. Our whole income is being eaten up by health care. Would I like something for my insurance co. to have to compete with ? YES! They can charge what they want because their is nothing else. We do not fall into the welfare system yet....but will within a year or so. Everything we have will be eaten up. I know I'm not alone.Sad
jayne Wrote:not true 1171...we spent 7 years in Germany with a national health care system...they had NO WELFARE SYSTEM of free money requardless...child care was covered by and controlled by the goverment you had no reason not to work if you couldnt find work they found it for you sweeping streets or scrubbing sidewalks...if you needed clothes for your kids you sent in paperwork with your kids sizes and they sent out a clothes box...you went to the ER and was triaged if it wasnt an emergency you were sent home...most all treatment was done by a pharmacy tec to include pregnancy tests I was treated for a migrain by the druggest given 2 pills with mineral water...worked better than anything I have been given by an american Doc...same with an oviarian cysts it was fun(for the tec) he put his fingers inside found the cyst and smacked my belly popping the lemon sized cyst.....scary what the pharmacy tecs can do over there....but you also cannot sue for mal practice either and where is this great country full of sue happy people gonna be then? be very careful what you ask for you just may get it.......altho I sure would like more of that migrain med however it isnt deemed to be safe in the U.S. so I cant get it shipped in...even if it got rid of the migrain without any of the side effects of narc meds..in fact I was back to work witin 30 min and no migrain....

disingenuous, Jayne.
how much litigation have you and your family participated in over the years Jayne?
your hands are not clean.

please throw in another 12 issues to keep the point confused....

I'm not trying to convince or persuade you. you've chosen your path.

but there is information out there that may explain why there are problems with workers comp or other systems that many who come here are dealing with. Information is the best weapon we have to find a way thru the difficulties.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
litigation? except for WC none and I dont believe you can call WC litigation but you may...What I am saying is what we have is not the best but it is better than anyone else has......and seeing how other countries with a national health care system works is the only way we have to see what we need agaisnt what we are being railroaded into.....the tax bill on this program is one we just cant afford or at least I cant...we are month to month here now.........any more taxes and we are sunk along with many more that are month to month......we are able to grow and preserve much of our own food and meat....I dont know how others can make it having to pay such hi food bills....the money for a national health care has to come from somewhere.....It will run small businesses out of business....they wont be able to pay the higer taxes.... it is not just wanting something there has to be a way to pay for it.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

The actual reason the USA ranks 16th in Life expectancy but 1st in health care expenditures has nothing at all to do with access or quality or threat of lawsuits, or costs of insurance.

The studies identify that lifestyle choices such as smoking, obesity, poor diet, lack of physical activity are the primary determinates of health and longevity no matter how much is spent on healthcare.
ahhhhhh crap what a day first I agree with Ace now cycler.............what happened??????????????????????????? lolololol
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

better get to the Dr.....
If you don't take part in keeping yourself healthy, there is no system that will ever be able to do it all for you.
Let Go, and Let God......
Malpractice lawsuits have already been addressed in a lot of states. In California the max amount for pain and suffering is $250K. That may seem like a lot but if your spouse or loved one is injured by a doctors mistake -is that enough for you? I don't think so. In Michigan it is almost impossible to find a malpractice attorney to take a case because of the limitations put into effect by a conservative Supreme Court.

As for people abusing the system, we are having the opposite problem right now. With welfare reform in the 90's, under President Clinton, the time people can spend on "the system" is very limited. The age of the welfare queen is over. A lot of people, who have been good honest taxpayers their whole lives, are finding that the safety net is no longer there.

As for health insurance reform causing small businesses to go under, I disagree there also. Right now only 58% of businesses offer insurance. The question is how many will be able to offer it in the future. Within 10 yrs the cost of a family insurance plan will probably cost $15k to $20K. How many small businesses will be able to offer it then?

I am not able to work- my wife was laid off last yr and has been unable to find anything. Our COBRA insurance was $988/month and we just were notified that after the Federal COBRA subsidy ends our new COBRA payment will be $1354/month. With my pre-existing conditions I have had a difficult time finding someone to cover me.

How can small businesses stay in business with costs skyrocketing like this. The insurance and financial indistries have proven that they cannot be trusted with the welfare of our nation. As a life long business person, I find government regulation to be stifling but we cannot risk the future of our nation on these to-big-to fail industries.
what will make them go under is when they HAVE to offer insurance if your cobra is 1354 dollars a month and say a small business has to pay half that and has say 100 personal their cost just went up $77,700 a month how many small business do you know that can swallow that bill and when you multiply it by 12 months it puts them under.....so small business will no longer have full timers just part timers then out the door also goes vacation and sick leave...not many large companies can swallow these costs without upping their prices that trickle down to you and me......My daughter with several degrees is working for a local drive in to save money to go back to get her masters degree.....as a shift leader they have to keep the help cost down to 15 % of the total days take... if insurance is made manditory the cost of help goes up so one of the help is laid off or everyone loses hours.....it really is simple folks...good health care costs money.....and Obama is not GIVING everyone good health care.....he is gonna make it manditory you buy it .. if thru not a normal IC then a goverment sponsered one....so for you old man you may be able to buy insurance for say 400 dollars a month a huge savings for you....but the young couple down the street that is just barely making ends meet being forced to buy that same 400 dollars a month insurance is gonna force them into giving up something else in their budget like food....to be given the choice to buy it is one thing being forced is another.....I wanna read the health care bill in english so I can understand and I wanna be able to vote on weather or not I want it......simple to me...put it in simple english put it out on the TV in newspapers and such and let us vote on it not have it rammed down our throats
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


I worked for a very large state agency. Well over 5000 employees. Seven - eight years ago they stopped hiring full time people except in certain positions. The reason? Health insurance. This is not something new that is happening just now. It has been going on for at least 10 years, some employers large and small have been forced to hire two part time employees so they dont' have to offer health insurance. Now that I pay my own and gladly this will end in a year , I pay over $500 just for me. If my insurance co. had some competition and I had a choice I would be thrilled. At least with a little competition my insurance co. would have to become competitive.

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