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Hey, Limbo?
I know that you've had a Laminectomy, but have you looked into the Laminotomy Procedure? I wonder if it is possible that such procedure can somehow unsheathe your nerve root, or rather desheathe the nerve root (if there is such a word)?

Hi Wink, and Thanks for the Info. and Concern! After My Surgery, when the Scar Tissue took Control, I was like a Robot with Only One Function: Find a Surgeon to Fix My Back, and get My A** Back into My Truck! I saw a Total of 9 (Both Ortho. and Neuro. Surgeons) and also My PCP, PM Dr., or any Other Dr. that I could think of!! When the Original MRI's were Read, by 2 Different Dr.'s, One Ortho. and One Neuro. they couldn't Imagine why I was in so Much Pain, with such a Small Herniation, and I was Actually Pegged by the First One as a Drug Seeker, and the Second wouldn't give Me Anything Stronger than Vicodin Before Surgery, for Fear that I was a Drug Seeker! When He Mentioned Surgery I said When, and as soon as Possible, and He did My Surgery Quickly. When I went back 2 Weeks After Surgery to have My Suture Removed, and My First Check-Up, the Very First thing the Dr. Said was "I'm So Sorry, the MRI did not show the Severity of Your Injury, and I have No Idea how You put Up with that Pain for so Long" (Hurt on 10/28/04, Surgery 01/05/05) The Disc Blew so Badly that it actually Crushed My S1 Nerve Root, and the Laminectomy was done to Relieve that Pressure, and Clean-up the Disc Material. When the Scar Tissue grew, it Started in My Spine, where they took the Half of My Disc Out, then Attached to My S1 Nerve, and Encapsulated the S1 Nerve Root while it is Still Crushed, and it Grew Very Fast and Dense. No Surgeon, not even the IME Bought and Paid for Dr.'s would even Consider Opening Me Back Up, I even Saw the Re-Surgery Specialist for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and He is the One that Said to get to PM, and get as Comfortable as Possible. I guess there is just absolutely no Room to Work in there, and with the Nerve Root being Crushed for so Long, there is No Chance for Recovery. Had they Listened and caught it when I Originally Complained, they May have been able to go back in and Clean it Out, and put a Sleeve Over the Nerve Root, but They didn't want to Hear Me and now the Scar Tissue in the Spine and around it would Only Come Back Stronger, and it Could Actually Paralyze My Right Side with just One Wrong Move in there! So Here I Set, because the Dr.'s know More than Us, and they Kept Pushing PT on Me after Surgery, until the Owner of the Center Stopped My Therapy and Sent a Very Nasty Fax to My Surgeon!! Sorry for the Book, I just wanted to try and Explain the Best I could, but Please, if You Hear of any More New Procedures let Me know, I would Love nothing More than to get this Pain Gone, and get My Life Back!!Smile

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