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broken ankle
im in texas i got release from the doc w/ o% impaiment my ankle still heart
i want to know if im entitlement to impairment income benefits please help im in texas
if you went back to work and was rated 0% then your done......WC does not pay for pain and suffering....if you feel your ankle is not fixed you can ask WC to send you to another Dr maybe they will
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Unfortunately, in the state of TX, any monies you would be eligible to receive for your injury is based on the percentage of your impairment. Since the Dr states that you have no impairment, you aren't entitled to any impairment benefits. Of course, you are given medical benefits for life on your injury. So I would make an appointment to see your treating Dr and let him know the amount of pain that you are having.

Without knowing exactly what type of break you had, or when it occurred .. it's hard to say much more. Not all injuries are going to heal as fast on some as they do on others. I was told my ankle would heal within 4 weeks after having tarsal tunnel surgery in 2007. Instead of healing, I ended up with a permanent nerve injury that has caused me to have RSD that has now spread from toes to hips in both legs.

There could be an underlying injury to your ankle that you may need your Dr look into. Or, it may just be that you are taking longer to heal from the broken ankle. This is just my opinion.

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pain is not impairment in workers comp.
you can file to dispute the rating
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