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$100.00 on the ground
This lady walked very briskly, to her car, I know she heard my voice, the lady 3 cars down heard me as briskly whipped arround several cars exiting the parking lot.
I probably would have called her and say "mom you dropped some money" If I was sure that was hers if she ignores there is no way that I will leave it there , I would certainly pick it up . I go to groceries and pick up the items I need in pain from the bottom shelf , where is flour, I have a huge huge problem picking up bottles of water never mind their hundred dollar bills there are lots of things I need from the floor at my house. I dont get their point?????????????????
In God I Trust
to see if you are lying..if you say I cant bend to the doc and you bend to pick up 100 dollar bill you are screwed...if you say I cant bend without pain you yell ouch and pick it up
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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