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$100.00 on the ground
This very attractive young woman dropped a $100.00 bill in front of me as I left P/T. No big deal you may say, but I cant bend over from a back injury, This young lady did not have an appointment acorrding to the receptionist, nor did they know who she was. becarful out there, more important be honest. please be honest you only hurt yourself.
And this happened in what State?

I have heard these things have took place many times before. You would be surprised as to how many people would have tried and picked up that money and pocket it. Even when in pain and such.

Me, I would have spit on the floor, put my shoe (sole) on to the spit by stepping on it, stepped on that $100.00 Bill, it would then stick to my shoe, I would then bend my leg, and taken it off my shoe. Cool Guess you can say, I may have been there before...LMAO..
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would have been a good opportunity to have grabbed your back screaming in pain and collapse on top of it.
their film/documentation would have confirmed your condition and you'd have been "paid" for the performance.
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information.........
1171 that would have been the perfect thing to have done.
Of course, you could have said, "Ma'am, you just dropped your money".

Kind of sad no one suggests that anymore.
I would have Placed My Cane on it so it Wouldn't Fly Away, and Hollered for the Person. Had they already gotten in Their Car, I would have Called the Local Police and gave them the $100.00 with the Car Make and License Number. I found a Wallet Stuffed full of Bills on the Side Walk of a Mini Mall around Christmas One Year, and rather than take it in the Store the Closest to Me, (You never know, the Manager May have taken the Money and said all that was Brought in was the Wallet) I Called the Local Police, and they Arrived with a Report of a Gentleman Losing His Wallet in that Area. The Officer Called the Person, and they came and got the Wallet from Me Outside the Store. They weren't Dressed the Best, and He told Me that Money was for His Kids Christmas Gifts, and He had Saved All Year to have it! That Felt Great, and I left with a New Found Christmas Spirit that Day!!Wink
or used the reward money to buy donuts for the guys in the blackedout Van....
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information.........
That's a Good One 1171!Tongue The Wallet was before My Injury though!Wink
Got to be a private investigator involved with this one.
Regardless of who it was, I would have hollared at her. Even if the cameras are on you or not, a PI is nearby, or you think you are getting away with something, God is always watching even when noone else is. Tongue
Let Go, and Let God......

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