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knee replacement
Hello again I have not posted for a while, but I read the threads almost every day. I am in Montana. My lawyer just e-mailed that I was approved for tkr. When I las say my Ortho, he wanted a full work up on my back due to lower back pain, wc said NO! My private ins paid for work up but not for MRI, my ortho will not do the TKR without the MRI. My back work up showed grad 3 arthritis in lower back, and I put 22 pound of pressure on my left knee when walking vs right knee which is the wc injury. I never had back pain brfore injury. Should this not be a workermans comp injury due to over compensation? or am I confused? E-mailed lawyer and he said "I will take care of it" What does that mean? My private Ins does not want to pay for MRI, should I pay for it out of pocket? Help please
I think it means he will arrange for the MRI to be done under lien or will go to court to have it ordered.
whether your back problems are the result of the effects of the prior industrial injury depends on the supporting medical evidence and maybe a judges decision.
if you offered to pay for it yourself your atty would have agreed if it thought it was best for your claim.
if you don't trust your atty you can change at any time.

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