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Ime results
Well, I have the IME results and they are pretty much same as the previous ones. The ortho and neuro doctors are saying, whatever problems I still have with my hands/arms/shoulders/neck has nothing to do with my work injuries and they released me back to work without any restrictions. On top of that, they concurred with all JA's what vocational counselor submitted, these are same type of jobs what I used to do, involving lots of typing.

On the other hand, the psych doctor didn't concurr. Although he is saying my depression, anxiety and pain disorder not injury related, he thinks I am unable to perform any of the jobs due to the psychological components of my "pain disorder".

What are my options? Do I have any?
I can't fight IME's as I don't have insurance or money to hire my own doctors. Claims manager is going to close my claim with or without my own doctor's concurrence, whom I am not allowed to even consult, as they deny all of his bills.

Also, vocational counselor doesn't have to help me with job search, so my claim is going to be closed soon.

Any advice?
Kat,I do not know what to tell you.....I have been in your shoes ecept the court appt docs found all the damage the IC docs overlooked.....A IME isnt a IME if either party pays for it....the doc will go with the money everytime....Good luck
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Do you have an attorney, and has he sent you to an IME done by a doctor of your choice?

In November wc sent me to an IME, I saw a doctor they often use.
Some of what their doctor found went in my favor.

Next the judge sent me for an IME and this doctor found 2/3 related to work comp.

My attorney tells me that often doctors do not get the aggervation of a pre-existing condition, and they deny the injury.

The law allows aggervation, perhaps this part of the law will help you.

Please post and let me know if you have an attorney.
I think they should take the I out of IME and change it to AME. The A stands for "Another" because there doesn't seem to be anything Independent about these exams. So the term Another Medical Exam would make more since. Sorry to butt into your thread but I had an IME back in 07 which said I should be at MMI and returned to work with no restriction. Even after that the companies own doctors added restrictions to me. It was just what the WC case manager does to tried to get the injuried party to forget everything and just go back to work like nothing is wrong. This just cost the company more money and delayed my case. In my case it's just the game they play. A true IME should be one in which an independent doctor does an exam and tries to find out what the other doctors might have missed. Something they just over looked or forgot about because of the day to day dealing with your injury. We all know they can miss things because they are human so this IME doctor should be one that can be able to stand back and take a look at the big picture and maybe find something the others just missed. But as it is these doctors just write down what they think the company wants them to say with no reguard to what is really wrong with the injuried party. Sad but true. Wonder how much money is spent on these IME's.

Tell our readers how you became injured please.

Do you have an Attorney, and if so what do they say?

If you don't have an Attorney, please do get one.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
Kat. Bad Boy is on the Money, You are going to have to Act Quick, and a Little More Info. to Refresh Our Memories would Surely Helps Us to give You Better Suggestions. In My Case, I had an Attorney, and We Filed a Petition to Review Medical Evidence, and the IME Dr. and My PM Dr. were Deposed by Both Attorney's, and the Medical Evidence and Depositions were given to a w/c Judge for Review and Decision. I had to Pay Nothing, My Attorney Handled All of the Costs, and I Won, My Dr. was found More Credible than the Ins. Co. Dr., and the Ins. Co. was Ordered to Pay All Costs Involved. Again, You are going to have to Act Quick, so any Info. would be Great to Help Us Better Understand Your Situation! Best of Luck!!Wink
Hi Kat....i too am speachless, nor do i remember what your actual injury was...fill us in asap....as the ones that have gone through something similar may be able to help.
I thought you had a lawyer...but maybe not.

You are in my prayers daily, Lilly
Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

A careless word may kindle strife, a cruel word may wreck a life, a timely word may level stress, and a loving word may heal and bless!
Hi, All,

My injuries are on both hands, I had 5 surgeries between 2005 and 2006 for tendonytis release, carpal tunnel and thumbs triggering. After my last surgery in 2006, surgeon gave me a permanent restriction, told me I can never do medical billing again, put me at MMI and washed his hands off me.

My employer fired me instead of trying to find me a position within my restrictions.
Claims manager authorized vocational rehab and promptly denied all medical ever since, stating, I was at mmi and no further medical treatment needed(surgeon meant, there was nothing else he could do for me).

Vocational counselor recommended re-training, but the $4000.00 at that time for tuition wasn't enough for any kind of new skill learning, so she recommended pention.
Claims manager didn't like results, fired this firm, hired a new one and started sending me to IME's. Ime doctors argued, although I still had problems with my hands(numbness,weakness) new triggering on other fingers, also started having problems with neck/shoulder, they can't be injury related as I stopped working in 2006.

Ever since, all IME results are same as the first ones because they read previous IME reports and go by that. Also the first Ime doc gave me a 5% combined rating on both hands and this last ortho Ime doc agreed with that.

Vocational counselors come and go, I lost track of how many I had, but all work for same firm and they are the claims manager's puppies..do as she tells them to do. They keep coming up with same type of job recommendations what I used to do, involves constant typing. And all IME doctors concurr, of course.

I have an attorney since 2007, we went to court once regarding my little fingers triggerings and he lost. Lawyer advanced the deposition and examination fee for me, which I am still paying monthly and still owe him more than $1200.00(judge found Ime doc more credible as mine didn't really know me and thought I was still working).

This year, w/c tried to send me to this strange program, in recommendation of their Pshyc doctor, but it was nothing more than work hardening program with some mental counseling. They approved MRI on the neck which showed some "mild" bulging, but of course not related to carpal tunnel. The director didn't think I was a good candidate for his program, as I refused to believe, all my pain was just in my head.

In turn, claims manager ordered new IME's and the result is in my first post.

Tomorrow, I will talk to lawyer or maybe just his assistant, he is hesitant to advance me more money to hire my own doctors to fight IME's. A few months ago, lawyer requested new FCE, claims manager didn't approve. They also requested authorization to see my choice of neurologist, it was also denied.

So here I am, cornered, don't know what else to do as money talks and I have none of those. Living in a 27 feet trailer, in a camping club with black bears and cougars, just trying to survive and even this little income is being taken away from me.

I also applied for ssdi in 2007, was turned down twice, waiting for hearing about 16 months now and my case was just transfered from Seattle to Houston. According to ssi lawyer, it might speed up the hearing process.

Sorry my post is so long, I have a long history, didn't know how to make it shorter.
Thanks for listening and all advice will be appreciated.

Kat., Thanks for the Update, I can Only Speak for Myself when I say my Memory is Shot!!Smile I Wish I had Answers for You, but Hands are not My Specialty, I'm a Broken Lower Back Guy! It seems to Me though that Unless Your Attorney Either gets Aggressive, or You can See a Dr. that will Actually LISTEN to You, and set things Straight, they at this Point May have the Upper Hand. But those Tables can Turn with the Correct Amount of Pressure in the Right Areas of this Fight You have, Again this is My Opinion, and I am Sure 1171 or Bad Boy will be along Soon with Better Advice than Mine, they are Much Better Versed than Me! My Best to You, I Hope I am Dead Wrong and You can get this Turned around, You need a Bright Spot to Shoot For!!Wink
Welcome to the wonderfull world of workmans Comp (NOT) IMO you need a W/C Attorney yesterday, I had a simalair problem with my employer, That is when the attorney came into play. It took me a year for them to except my claim thanks to my attorney and another 2 years to settle my claim, I was terminated and am now retired. Run as fast as you can looking for a good W/C attorney. and good luck

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