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deposition what's next
Hello everyone, My question is what happens after the deposition? I live in the state of La. I had this done on 04/02 as usual the lawyer tried to trip me up on some questions but every time he got the same answer, wanting to know if I have worked since my injury and am I able to work, have I turned down any jobs like I told him I applied for the jobs @ voc rehab and had no responses and the one response I did get they had no position for me. I only applied because I knew no one would call and to not give them anything to go on. But back to the question at hand the ins co has until 04/21 to deciede whether or not they want to go to trial so does anyone think it lightly that they will want to settle my case without going to trial? and if so how long does it usually take to get a settlement?
I'd have to read the deposition before guessing about the value of a trial.
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there is just no way to tell....it depends on so many things if they think you are full of kaka and the judge will agree they will go to court only way they will settle is if they are fairly sure they will lose then they will wait till a few days if not the day of the hearing to even start to talk settlement
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Wow I wish I knew this answer. My lawyers submitted a proposal to my former employeer and it has been months since I have heard anything. Now I need another knee surgery, but he told me we now have to wait for their response. It is crazy how long it is taking.
Nothing is fast in WC. Always remember that and it will help
Patience is Surely the Key when Dealing with w/c! Document, Document, Document, and Keep in Close Contact with Your Attorney if You Have One!! Best of Luck!!Wink

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