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Maxamim server load limit
Ok I,am DUMB, this keeps poping up, I think I know what it means, but can anyone explain it to me, or why it keep happening?
I'm lost on this one also! I have no idea what it means but it has been popping up a lot lately. Maybe they are working on the Board or something?Wink
I think it has to do with there are just so many people using this site. This is one busy busy site remember.
The good news is,"You can get used to anything."
The bad news is,"You can get used to anything."
This board has a "safety valve" that prevents it from taking too many server resources. When the server load is beyond a certain percentage, the board gives the error message you asked about. Right now this is most likely to occur between 11:00AM and and 5:00PM eastern time, our peak usage hours.

Sithie is correct, this is a very busy site. However, even we did not anticipate the surge in traffic we have seen in recent weeks. 3 weeks ago we were seeing around 15,000 visitors a day. Now it is right at at 40,000 each and every day. We are looking at various load balancing adjustments we can make. We are also looking at upgrading the primary server, although it is only 1 year old.

One of those options would be to move this board to a support server. While the address would change slightly (our support services and several functions come from workerscompensationinfo.com), it would not change otherwise. You would not notice a difference, and all the posts would remain. The server we are looking at is currently only taking about 1/4 of the load that this server is taking.

We'll make a decision in a couple weeks, and keep you folks informed as to what we are doing.
Thanks Admin!
Alright ADMIN, the mystery is now solved, Thank you ever so much for explaining.
In light of the fact that this is occurring with some frequency, we have accelerated a (hopeful) solution. We have already transferred and installed this boards core files on another server, and will be relocating it sometime this weekend when testing is complete.

In order to make sure that we do not lose any new posts in the move, we will be closing the board for a short time during this process. When we are finished there will be a slight change of address, so those of you who have bookmarked certain areas will need to re-do those. If you normally get here by just coming to the forum home page, you may continue to do so. We will establish redirects to make sure you get in the right place.

We are hopeful this will help eliminate some of the inconvenience. Thanks for your patience!
This move was completed at 8:15 AM Saturday the 30th. We still have a couple small issues to track down, but you should not notice any issues.

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