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How is RSD rated in a injury. My hand is rated at 90 percent. But is there a different rating for RSD, what does it fall under. I am afraid it will get worse down the road and I will be out of luck, I am still working and have not been released from medical. I am from North Carolina.

Thanks Lock
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy is a diagnosis. Most rating systems including North Carolina's rate the loss of functional impairment and not the diagnosis.
to find out more
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What happens if later on my rsd gets worse and I can't work I still have my medical but have recived my permanent partial compensation will I still get disabilty or am I up the creek without a paddle.

Thanks Lock
You're welcome glad to help.
you should discuss the statute of limitation issue with the ombudsman or a lawyer familiar with North Carolina caselaw
****hint: read a few posts/use SEARCH before making your first post; include your state or complete the location field in your profile; start a NEW THREAD-don't hijack an existing one. Smile[/list]
I am in Houston, Texas. I haven't posted on here in a while. The last time I posted a message, was before I had my impairment rating on January 7th of this year. Well the bad news is that I got a rating of 4%, and it was back dated to October 15th. Therefore the workers comp say I was over paid over $3000.00. I was going to fight it but decided not to. I didn't have the nerve block that the doctors wanted me to have. I also didn't take the lyrica that they ordered for me. I have been seeing another doctor that I have been paying for on my own since May of 2008. When I first went to see this doctor, I was still on crutches and in a lot of pain all the time(as you others who have rsd know).

Well, the good news is, that I just got a complete release to go back to work. I had the rsd in my left foot and ankle and walked with a limp that got worse the more I walked. I am no longer limping. I do have occasional pain, but it is improving all the time. I am even wearing high heel shoes for short periods of time. I am completely drug free, not even tylenol or motrin!!!!!
I am glad that I didn't accept what the medical doctors wanted because I would probably have problems all my life. I didn't accept that.
My message to you is don't fall into the trap. The doctor that I see is a Chiropractor who uses Accupuncture and Kinesiology. This works!!!!!! It gets to the root of the problem and fixes it, not what the medical doctors do by covering it up. Most medical doctors don't even know this. If anyone wants to see this doctor, let me know.
I tried the chiro route and the accpuncture and magnets it didnt do a thing for me....in fact I believe it made it worse...moral of the story? different strokes for different folks.....
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StarElaine, Most people who have RSD will try anything to relieve the pain. WC doesn't like this dx. as it costs lots of money in medical costs; p/t, nerve blocks, medications, psycho-therapy.

I doubt that you really had RSD. Sometimes an ankle or leg injury can mimic RSD and take a very long time to heal. I know. My ankle still hurts from achlles tendon surgery, but I don't have RSD in that area.

I do have RSD in my upper limb and hand. For 3 years now. I am working with limitations; but on the days I have flareups, there is nothing I can do for the pain. On good days, I take advantage of what I can do and thank God that I do have some good days.

To keep my RSD from spreading I do daily ROM exercises, and keep my limp moving as much as possible without overdoing it.

I have had to fight every step of the way to get the treatment I am getting and without it, I would not be functional.

Lock, as far as the rating, 1171 is correct. The rating is based on your functional impairment. Not every case of RSD is the same. I wish you the best!
Let Go, and Let God......

I have to agree with Chris when it comes to you not having RSD. I used to work for a very prominent chiropractor/neurologist/kiniesiologist in Las Vegas. So I know what they are able to do and not do. RSD can go into remission, but you will always have problems from it. RSD has more signs/symptoms than just pain..and that sounds like what your major complaint is/was.

If you had damage to a nerve, it takes a great deal of time for nerves to heal. Up to a year per inch of injury to said nerve, sometimes longer if you have to continue to use the affected part that the nerve is located in, which it sounds like you have.

I was diagnosed with RSD in my right foot and ankle in January of 08, after tarsal tunnel surgery in Oct. 07. There is no way that I could wear heels, even after successful lumbar blocks. And if it weren't for the medications that the pain management Dr put me on, I wouldn't have been able to function on a daily basis.


Are you currently being covered by WC for your diagnosis of RSD?? If so, they should continue to cover medical on it until you are old enough to collect social security, at which time, medicare would take over. You will receive a settlement of some kind from WC for your rating of 90% on your hand, and it is possible that they will require you to do a medical set aside that would cover your medical on your hand so that they can close our your claim entirely.

If you invest your settlement correctly, there is a good chance that it could last you for years. Or you could take it in monthly payments, and if under a cerain amount, and you are unable to find a job with your inability to use your hand, you could qualify for SSI and medicaid to supplement your monthly income and pay for medical outside of your work comp injury.

There are just so many scenarios that could be played out that it is hard to tell you all of them. It is mainly going to be up to you and the IC on how things are settled at the end of your claim.

Angel ^j^
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Thanks everone, I do have medical set aside. WC has been very easy to get along with, ever Dr. they sent me to diagnose me with RSD I Had 11 Stealite Ganglin Blocks Over A year plus a year of OT. My boss has let me continue to work and I have not missed a minutes pay. He has paid for some treatments that workers comp. would not pay for. Somedays I don't feel like working but I drag myself in and my coworker have helped take up the slack. My boss even sends me to get a massage once a week because he thinks it helps, and it does maybe not the RSD but it helps the stress that builds up from being in pain all the time. He reads up on RSD constantly and has offered to pay for hbot treatment when we can get it set up. I guess if I had to be unluckey enough to get hurt I am luckey working for the right person. Thanks again everone Woody

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