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Thanks for All of the Help on My Other Thread!
Thank You All so Much for the Help I Received on My Other Thread, it has really Helped Me to Confront and Handle the Issue at Hand! You ALL are Great People and I'm Very Proud to Call You All Friends, for being at My Side! My Brother has a Very Long Road Ahead, and I'm going to try and See Him Next Week, and I'll Continue My Phone Calls to Him. My Dad told Me that His Wife said He Perked Up a bit After I Called Him the Other Day, so that made Me Feel Good for Him. We will never be Close, I know that, but at Least I have Brought Mom and Dad some Peace, and Brightened My Brothers Day a Bit. I went to See My Grand-Son Play Basketball This Morning, My Son is Coaching His Team, they Lost but it was Fun! That was the First Time Out of the House in 2 Weeks, other than Dr. Appts. Have a Great Weekend Everyone, and Thanks Again!!Wink
You just take care of yourself sweet friend. You are such a wonderful, caring, giving and loving person. May God continue to bless you and your family today and always. Prayers continue for all of you. God Bless!

Cajun Hugssssssssss,
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Hi Still In Limbo

My ex-husband & I separated when my oldest son was 5 weeks old and divorced when my son was 3 months old.

My son & his father had never been close, and as my son grew older he held much anger when it came to his father.

Many times over the years I encouraged my son to contact his father and he never would.

My ex died 2 years ago and about 6 months before he died my son and his father were able to sit down and have a talk. I saw the inner peace it gave my son.

His father died on the weekend he turned 49 yrs, his father and I shared the same birthday.
Still, glad to hear your brother is feeling a little better. Hope you are doing well.
Bummer, my father died without me even knowing. I would call him occasionally. I found out that he died when I called during the christimas holiday. I never got to see him or talk to him for a couple of months...he never acknowledged any cards I sent...but I pray that he is at peace...such is life I guess.
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I too am happy that things are looking up Still. I was 13 when my father got in the car with my mom to drive to the doctors office for an appointment. I still remember him waving goodbye to me as they drove away. I never told my father I loved him and how much he meant to me. He never returned home from the doctors as when he got on the exam table a blood clot shot up to his lung and killed him instantly. They rushed him to the ER right next to the office where he was pronounced dead. He was 44 with MS.

I just mentioned that because till this day I wish I could tell him how much I really loved him as we would always argue because he was such a sick man taking meds and forgetting everything that all of us kids would be upset with him. We were to young to understand his disease and now I wish he could see how much he really meant to me.

It has been 30 yrs. since he passed away now and I feel he looks over me still as he did on his 30th anniversary of his death July 24th, 2008 the day of the tornado that kept our house standing and everyone safe : )
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Still in Limbo I wish you peace it is the most precious gift in the world.....along with the love you have in your heart for everyone....you are a great man
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Still, I wasn't able to post last week. I just want you to know I will continue to pray for your family.
Let Go, and Let God......
Thanks Again Everyone!! I Spoke with My Father this Morning, and My Brother May Come Home in the next Day or So, under Strict Home Health Care. I Guess a Nurse will be there Daily to take Care of Him, and Monitor His Progress. I'm not Sure what they found with the Heart, when I find Out I will let You All know!! Thanks Again Very Much Everyone, I Hope Your Day is Bright, and Your Pain Minimal!!Smile
Still, Glad to hear the news about your brother. and wishing him and your parents well. Keep us posted.
Good news, Thanks for Sharing!

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