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California's Civil Code 1708.8(g) & Sub-Rosa

California Civil Code 1708.8(g) appears to require the decision to take film be based on "an articulable suspicion".

When my Primary Treating Doctor declared me, MMI he included a gym/pool prescription so that I could continue physical therapy on my own. The insurance company approved and paid for the one year membership at a "Private Gym".

They had me filmed doing my lightweight routines and forwarded copies of it to all the Doctors who had examed me. The film was to prove that I wasn't as disabled as my treating doctor had reported.

They didn't mention that I was loaded up with pain killers. Anyone who had done physical therapy knows the first rule of physical therapy is to take all your pain medication. If you don't the real pain doesn't allow you to fully do your therapy to it's maximum.

My question is, did they have "an Articular suspicion" when they deceide to film me.

I've had a Spinal Fusion, both Knees completely replaced and my right shoulder repaired.

Any input would be most appreciated.
Hi Hardluck,

This is already Big Brother America! It has been that way for awhile. Someone is always watching..........I am aware of that ALL THE TIME. Every website you visit, your IP address is being monitored. Every google search is monitored. Every purchase you make with a debit card is monitored. Every purchase you make at the grocery store is monitored with a store card. There are hidden cameras everywhere. So you have to get used to it. Frankly, I think people should just walk around naked to protest it, I mean that is how exposed we are right.

As long as you have x-rays and other diagnosis to prove your injuries, I would not worry about people who must not have a life to film you. Or they just have control issues or something like that. Maybe if you think you are being filmed all the time, try crapping in a trash can so you can really turn them off. Or do something really bizarre.

Gosh, I hope I did not turn anyone off here! WOW!

I hope you were not offended by my comment. I think laughing at things helps to mitigate some frustration or anger one may feel. At least that is how I try to handle things in my life. As far as crapping in a trash can. Certainly I did not mean that literally, but if one has no other recourse then by all means do so. That was not directed at you but rather the people filming you.

I work as a nurses aid and we clean up crap all the time. I am sure some of us feel like glorified sewer workers at times. Anyway, that is why I made reference to that.

But nevertheless, it is true that we are basically being watched all the time, in one way or another.
I live in the country....people tried to film me here ......we set the dogs on em
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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