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settlement question/workers comp
Steve, did You Receive Weekly or Bi-Weekly Payments from w/c for Wage Assistance while You were Off of Work? And if You are in Pa., which You Never have Answered, this is being Handled Totally Illegally, and if You don't Act on it Quick, You are going to Lose Out. If You could Answer these Questions Someone May be able to Help You Better, this will be My Last Post to You, I don't want to Bother You but Only Help, and without this Info. I can't be of any Assistance. I Wish You the Best, and if You are in Pa., and You do Reply, I'll try and Help You there! Best of Luck!!Wink
Still in Limbo.

No I am not from PA.I live in the north central part of Louisiana.I found I only received four weekly checks for $328.00 and one for a little over $1500.00.I called the defense attorney for the company I got hurt at.He said it was a minor mistake that $16,785.60 was in the papers,and it should have been for a little over $3000.00.

The insurance adjuster forwarded over a payment history of my benefits to my attorney,which he sent to me (i.e.email).It seems the little over $16000.00 was a mistake on their behalf.and should have been a little over $3000.00 I dont see how these people can report mistakes to the judge and he approves them?

Thank you all.

It's a Shame, but Sometimes the Judges don't Read Everything put in Front of Them, as long as Both Attorneys Agreed, the Judge must have just Signed Off Based on Their Word. I'm not too Familiar with the Laws in Your State, and I Wish You the Very Best. If it's Truly just a Mistake in Typing up the Paperwork, and You Receive Your Settlement, they are Probably just going to Close Your Case unless You feel You have been Treated Unjustly, and You and Your Attorney Appeal. My Best to You, I Hope You can get Everything Straightened Out!!Wink
that is insane! I would maybe notify another lawyer to get a second opinion and then alert authorities as soon as possible. Find out if he is still practicing out of the same office or if he fled with your money. Its gonna be hard to get your money back if you signed documents saying you received themoney but you gotta do it anyway.Those funds r somewhere and that check was cashed somewhere. The only thing he could say was he gave u the check and u cashed it where u dont have to show i.d. People who do this kind of crap r dumb. Smarter people realize it is easier to make money legally than illegally. You said he lives over 5 hours from where you live. Find out if the check was cashed closer to where u live or he lives.Sorry this happened to you and best of luck trying to recover your money.

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