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Political Thoughts only
One way or another, we will be seeing a first for the US. We will either have our first black president, or our first female vp. I am on the side for the first female vp. Seeing what she was able to do within the state of Alaska when she took over as Governor, I feel she will be a great asset as vp.

If you pay attention to Obama, and he is elected to office, the US as we know it now will cease to exist. He wants to bring all of the third world nations up to the standard of the US using a non-existant bank account from the US. By the time that he is done doing this, we will have become one of those third world nations that he is so intent on helping. Honestly, the policies that he is talking about scares me.

Until McCain named his running partner, I was certain that I wasn't going to vote. Then I started reading up on Sarah Palin and the more that I read, the more I liked the candidate for VP. So you can bet I will be standing behind the duo of McCain/Palin when it comes time to vote.

Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
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I recognize that the issue for many, particularly on this board, is health care. I understand that. It is a complex problem, with no clear solution. I completely fear and distrust socialized medicine. My parents are from Canada, and all of my relatives still live there. You will hear much in our media about the model "free healthcare system" there. I can assure it is certainly not free, and really is not healthcare. It is rationed catastrophic care. I could bore you with stories of my relatives coming to the states for procedures, since they could not wait two years in Canada, but I won't.

As an employer, I potentially could save a lot of money if the government would shift the burden of covering my employees to the taxpayer. But since "business" has been targeted by Obama for rather large tax increases, we will still incur increased costs of operation. For me it is a lose - lose proposition.
I do understand your response admin especially since you do have a business. I still need to learn more about Obama, so I have been reading on the web and listening to the news. I don't always trust what I hear in the news. Some of the news stations appear to have their own twist of the facts. Even during the democratic and the republican conventions it appeared that the news had their own candidates that they were promoting using their power as the news. I am very confused about which party would make the best of what we have to benefit America and its people. However, I do like some of the policies stated that they would like to implement better than others and the policies I lean towards tend to be equally divided between parties. UA said that Obama wants to give money to bring the third world countries up to our style of living. I would like to see that money left in the states not to be given to welfare reform or anything like that, but what about education for our children and grandchildren. Del and I live in NJ. In NJ we pay the highest property taxes than any other state. I live in a typical home in NJ and our taxes amount to $11,999.00 per year. That is absolutely outrageous. And this would be ok if our children had the best in Education but they don't. They do not have Art, PE, Band, Choir or any art type activities. They also do not have any recess equipment to play on and even worst there is no air conditioning in their rooms. There is air conditioning in the teachers louge and adnministration offices. AT the end of last year, a 8 year old boy passed out and was sent by ambulance to the hospital and was diagnosed with dehydration. I questioned how that could happen and then found out that in this school where my grand daughter who is 10 attends there are no water fountains that work and that the class room was in its 90's with about a 90% humidity that day. So I asked myself where does all the money go. The kids even buy their own books as if they were in college. I do live in the nations highest scores on their end of year testing. So that is a nice thing and I would gladly pay more for that...but their is more to education than arithmatic, reading, and writing. I know Hiliary is the one that got that program going...no child left behind. Consequently the schools obtain their federal finances related to their students end of year test scores, which for the schools translated into focusing only on the 3 r's since that is what the test focuses on.

Then there is the out sourcing of jobs... people lossing jobs he in america because the wages are cheaper in other countries. It was interesting living in Japan, because we could not bring more than about 6,000 lbs of our things because they would provide you with furniture in Okinawa, However, we could buy as much from the Japan economy which was cheaper than our retail and bring back with no pound restrictions and no cost. Most of my furniture is from Okinawa. I have oak and redwood. We are encourages to boost the Japan economy and are paid COLA so that we can do just that versus our own economy. There is so much ... America gives and gives and the other countries really do not care much for us. there was an old joke amoung the Okinawan's.... if you leave money of any amount on your car's windshield, and in the morning it is gone, it is because an American just passed by. Unfortunately I think they were right. I guess I have said too much again...love Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Admin I have heard some stories of not being able to recieve health care in Canada timely and so forth. I also have a friend who lives in England who has a similar system as Canada who has MS, and she is amazed at how much American's have to pay for their health care versus what she pays which is nothing. I also have a aunt and uncle who are citizens of Canada and live in northern Alberta... they will not leave Canada due to their health services in Canada versus the US. I know many people have had different experiences and I understand that..my experiences with the US Navy has been the best... My medications each month cost around $20,000.00 and I would not be able to have them if not for the services of the VA. I have MS, and continually new medications are being introduced and unfortunately until after the 10 year mark the patton is excusive and they can charge as much as they choose. These medications are often expensive. The medication Avonex which was new to the market in 1996 use to cost for the first 10 years, $1,500.00 per shot, and I had to take 4 shorts amount. This is just one of my6 41 prescriptions that I take now. Right now one of my medications cost over $6,000.00 per month then add the short which at this time cost the VA $650.00 per week. I need this socialized medical care, because otherwise I would be left out like so many in the US who have MS. Then unfortunately they will deteriate in no time and cost the government money anyway on a medicaid program which is sponser by the welfare program when they go to a nursing home to recieve care. I do not believe that our type of healthcare is helping anyone but to strains on our businesses and strains on the American people...so this is a subject I stand very stong on, but am not closed to understand the other persective either. Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Has anyone ever wondered WHY, meds cost what they do? It surely can't be what it costs to produce them. I have heard from a friend that is a Vet, that some drugs that are given to animals are the same as for humans, same dosage , same manufacturing codes, and less than 3/4 of the cost for animals. Now you figure it out. and why are drugs cheaper in Canada??????? I as others have the same questions over and over, WHY, WHY. WHY Things have to change.

Have you ever wondered who is in charge of our health care and medications here in the USA.
because animals do not sue for millions Tuffy
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

You have a point there Jayne.........
we have lost many a GP here and Obs because the cost of mal practice is just to hi...they join chains to keep from paying really hi rates then they have to see 8-12 patients an hour...My PCP has to see 80 patients a day to reach his quota for the clinic he works for that doesnt count his surgeries or new babies he delievers now he only works 4 days a week and one weekend a month but even he will tell you he isnt at the top of his game he is just to tired....But what can he do? to pay nurses,billing,insurance and rent he would have to see even more...He has told both his kids to be Vets
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Red, I do not really consider the VA socialized medicine. I see it as a benefit provided to veterans such as yourself who served this nation. But I also think our vets deserve better. I've heard VA horror stories as well.

Tuffy, no doubt we pay more for medicine than any other country. All of those other countries place price restrictions on pharmaceuticals. That leaves us here in the USA to foot R&D and liability costs. I have no doubt that we are on the path to place price caps on medicines. Ultimately that will mean the end of the new drugs Red was talking about. No one will develop new treatments and medicine if the potential profits aren't there.

I have a contrarian view to the whole health care mess. I really believe that many of our problems are because so many people in this country DO have insurance, and there is NO incentive to save!

(Hear me out, now....)

You will hear in the media that 40 million people in this country have no insurance for health care. That is true, and it is a problem. However, that means that OVER 260 MILLION PEOPLE DO HAVE INSURANCE. (80 million are on medicare/medicaid) And many, many of them can get treatment and services and never have a clue or a care of what it costs. How many of you on insurance, when going to a lab or an MRI, have asked what it will cost? It is a veritable blank check. If 260 million people could suddenly pay a flat fee for gas, and then fill up their tanks as often as needed without paying, do you think the demand for gas would go up? And what would happen to the cost?

Technology is also affecting the cost of healthcare. My father in law is on the board of a large hospital in the area, and they spend millions on a single piece of equipment. That equipment saves lives, but could be used constantly for years and never pay for itself. That is why a Tylenol pill costs $5 in the hospital. Other services must pay for that technology. Look for that to stop once universal healthcare sets in. Canada has lost over 4,400 physicians in the last 10 years. The number one reason they cite for leaving is lack of equipment and facilities.

And Jayne is correct. Malpractice costs are insane. Some doctors in this area are now "going naked" - without malpractice insurance. They cannot afford it anymore. They hide their assets and take their chances.

Red, regarding your insane property taxes and substandard schools, I say one thing:

I'm enjoying this.... Smile
I never would have expected so many of you would support the big business party; very enlightening. I don't think this group is representative of how the country will vote in November but the disconnect is a bit surprising.
I see too much evidence that a majority portion of the population will be ready for a different direction. Hopefully it'll bring improvements in our health system that will benefit those adversely affected by the work comp inadequacies.
But most of all I hope everyone that can, will vote.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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