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workmans comp game
Hi all, Just wanted to take a minute to tell all who keep this forum going thank you! You are all angels here on earth. Workmans comp is definitely a system that is broke. Does not seem to favor the injured workers and without them there would be no system! It is a disgrace that honest hard working folks that get injured thru no fault of their own, have to battle with getting the medical care they so rightly deserve. I know there are a few dishonest people that try to scam the system but legitimate medical claims should be taken care of in a timely manner. Injured workers are being made to suffer for the dishonest few. Sad situation. Thank you for allowing me to vent.
workers comp is no fault.
allowing negligence based civil suits was not the answer.

I agree that the health care system is at fault. it's outrageously costly and most all insurance based systems do their best to make the insurance affordable by reducing the medical costs imposed on it.
a better answer for work comp and any medical based insurance product is to improve America's health system.
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........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information.........
The workers comp system is no fault in that the insurance companies are allowed to try and place all of the fault on the back of the injured worker. The system is broken and needs to be fixed. I think we need to go back to being allowed to file suit against negligent employers who maintain unsafe workplaces....
Here's where I have a problem with all of this. I was injured at work. I reported it. My Dr. agreed that all of my injuries were work related. All tests have proven the injuries do exist. This Dr. is not someone I see regularly but a specialist that my employer has chosen to examine employees who :claim" they are injured. OK so what happened here. Employers Dr. orders tests, they back up his examination, he represents the employer and says I am on the up an up and all that I have reported is true. NO FAULT! It;'s been my fault since day one. After all of this that THEY want done and demand I was still denied and am still fighting 2 1/2 years later although THEIR Dr. from day one has said I sustained work related injuries. They are all permanent and yet someone is still hoping I will miraculously get over whatever I'm expected to "get over" It's all BS> It's a game. I am the one in pain and have lost a job I loved while the other side of this "NO FAULT" system goes to work everyday and home to their family with a paycheck. I'm sorry if I offend anyone but that's how I see it. It's the most ridiculous system in our country.

As 1171 said our health insurance system stinks. If you have good insurance you will get good treatment and if you don't you can lay down and die. I do not believe one has anything to do with the other though. JMO

If you can get your idea on the ballot especially in a big repubican state I believe it will win easily.
most businesses leaders i've talked to over the years would be very supportive of dumping comp on the existing civil court system.
Texas is the only state that allows employers the option of work comp insurance or not. in those that don't the employees have to sue in civil court. I believe a very large portion of the business community opt out. (It's not a true all or none environment as the employer is suppose to provide an alternative coverage benefit.)
AQA and some of the other posters from texas might give their oppinion on how well workers do when there is no comp coverage.
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........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information.........
I also agree this whole system is broke and unfair to most of us injured. I also like to add, it is nearly impossible now in my area to find a doctor who would treat an injured worker. The few who are willing will give up after a year or so because the IC makes impossible for them to treat us. They constantly harrass these few doctors demanding lots of paperwork to be filled out. They constantly deny recommended treatment, so these few doctors get tired of this whole game and give up on us.
My ortho surgeon gave up on me after two years and my current doctor is getting really confused about the tons of paperwork IC demands him to fill out every two weeks. The Vocational People keep harrassing him, too, sending him same paperwork over and over again, even though he already disapproved all job analysis. I recently had two IME's, they confused him so much that he actually concurred with them, although in his report he clearly states he disagrees.

The strange thing is, IC approved all surgeries(had five)without any fight until I kept going back to work after each surgery. As soon as I was no longer able to do the same work and was fired, IC started denying all medical care. I am fighting this over two years now and I feel sometimes I am losing my mind. Now this IME thing again and my own doctor concurred, it's just blows my mind.

Well put Kat. I feel the same. My spine specialist has started to right one liners to the IC. After all this time he is sick of writing letter after letter every month or so that all say the same thing for 2 1/2 years. I have had 3 IME's they have all said the same thing. Settlement talks are going on. I am scheduled for an Impairment rating the end of Sept. Eve my PM Dr. gets fed up at times. I need meds prescribed. I am doing some aquatic PT. Every other week the PT mentions my backup referrel. I still need one even though I won or this facility won't see me. I have wanted to give up numerous times but at this point it is what it is and lets just get to the end of it. That's how I feel. The IC requested the courts to appoint a Dr. to do the IR> and now I am notified to get all my records together and bring them. You know wht? The IC wants it done why don't they supply the records. They have everything, they've paid for everything. It's all just a game that I for one am sick of.


Also as an afterthought, it's no wonder there are so many mistakes. How can anyone without spending a lot of time keep it all straight. Each and every word. Dr.s have more than one patient. I'll stop now, even though I don't want to.
Cap. and Others, I have to go for another i/c Ordered IME after the First IME Dr.'s Reports were found to be Un-Credible, and My Dr. and Myself were found to be 100% Credible in the Judges Eyes, and in a 50 Page Written Decision, the Judge has Clearly Stated that even After going to the Workplace and looking at the "Cake" and "Fake" Job they came up with for Me that I can't even Work 4 Hours a Day due to My Chronic Pain and Concentration Levels! But they are Still Allowed to Waste Time and Money to try and get Someone to See things Their Way, at the Expense of the i/c, and Ultimately the End Consumer because these Type of Expenses Trickle Down to the End User (Us) anyway! I Won, and they Continue to Beat a dead Horse hoping it will Miraculously Awaken and be Well!! It's Surely Broke, and in Desperate Need of Repair!Wink
I agree the system is broke, I have been dealing with the system since 2003. Had they allow the doctors to go back to surgery and fix the problem when it was needed then I would not have a arm that doesn't work correctly. Does wc care that by cutting my check off that we lost our home, had the car repo, can't get medical coverage, had to stand in food give away lines to get groceries, lost our family doctor because we had no income to pay his bill, HE** no. Stopped all medical coverage, medication coverage and no checks in two year, no they don't care, they can go home at night and have food to eat and roof over there head, nice car to drive, and don't have to worry about what next.

1171- question- my diabetes has worsen do to not having proper food to eat, and the stress of all this mess. Now my kidneys are shutting down due to all the medications, are these going to be covered by wc?
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
WC is not a game.... it is legal torture.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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