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Getting rated...question
Hi guys-My lawyer and NCM both think that I am permanently disabled and want me to get my legs rated. My lawyer said that she is going to send me a form that she wants my Dr. to fill out with the rating info. on it. My question is this: My Dr. says he does not do ratings. My other Dr. says that he sends people for an FCE, to be rated. I know I went for an FCE last year, but they did not rate me. They just wrote out the results of the exam. Would the Dr. who refers me for an FCE, have to specify that he wants them to rate me or do some places not do the rating? I am curious, how many here have had their Drs. do their rating or did they have it done with and FCE? What happens if I can not find a Dr. that does ratings?

Any thoughts would be nice.

Some States don't use the Rating system.

Don't remember your State. You can update your profile and apply the State for future refference.

I had a FCE, that is consider like my rating in Illinois. But if that is also your case, I suggest you then get a Computer Operated FCE performed. I do feel it's nore up to date, and has less human error. It doesn't allow for a human to make a judgement decision neither.
My State is Pa., and I had 2 FCE's, and they weren't Used for Ratings, they were Used to Calculate my Physical Restrictions, and ability to Work. Now here in Pa., You are sent to an IRE, (Independent Ratings Evaluation), and that Dr. is Chosen by the State, so there can be No Bias from either Side. You May want to Contact Your Dr., and Ask if They Meant having an IRE Performed. My Best to You, and Please keep Us Informed!Wink
Im in VA, and it was my lawyer that wants to get my legs rated. She said that the Judge would require this, in order to consider a permanenet impairment case. My Dr. is the one who said that he doesn't do ratings and that I could go for an fce. But like I said, my last fce was only used for my restrictions, and not for a rating. So, I don't know if certain FCE places do the rating part and others don't...or was it how the referal was written. Maybe it actually has to say that I need and FCE, in order to get a rating. I just don't know. I'd hate to go back to the same place for my FCE, and find out they never do ratings and have to start over somewhere else.

I will definately call the FCE place and ask them, before I go. I was just curious if others have had a problem finding someone to do a rating. It is required in VA, to have one, to prove a PI.

Thanks for your replies!
I would think your atty would have seen a number of ratings and would direct you to either a reliable physcian or an FCE facility. To me the greatest value an atty has is their knowledge of the key players like doctors and specialists.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Be prepared that if you get a high rating that the ic will send you to a IME exam with their own doctor. I just found out I got my results from my hearing I had 29 days ago. They are at my house in NH where I am heading in about 2 hours. Please pray that I did well and that I do not get appealed by the ic.

I have had enough happening to me since last week with the tornado that I do not need anything but good news right now. My hearing was because my rating was 32% and their IME doctor was 10%. That is why I had to go to court. This result will tell me how I did with the difference. Hopefully when you get your rating, you will not have the ic dispute it. I wish things went smoothly. Good luck.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
Sparkey...I hope the news is what you need and want. Please let us know.

lfoster......I have had a Dr. appointed by the Bureau to do an Impairment Rating. It hasn't been scheduled yet. This rating will be unbiased since he is not my Dr. or the IC's/

I also wish things could be a little easier.

Thank you all so much, for all the great suggestions.

Sparkey-I will keep you in my prayers. I know you have been dealing with this for a while now and you deserve some good news!

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