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Jayne & Others/Fall Garden

On one of the threads you wrote about planting a fall garden. A fall garden is new to me, can you tell me when you plant, and what type of items you plant in a fall garden.

With your injuries you may have bending restrictions, are there certain tools you use to make gardening easier?

I have a container garden on my deck this summer. It has helped me emotionally with going outside and checking my plants and I do baby them.

Others on this forum also garden, and please feel free to share.
right now you can plant green beans ,corn and squash dont forget winter squash which if picked ripe can last in a cool place all winter if you can find them you can replant tomatoes and peppers....the corn is here in okla cuz our first frost wont come till mid to late november...anything that has a short growing season (less than 70 days.....from plant to harvest depending on your frost date you will have to adjust your latest planting date
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