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For Those Of Us Not Working Right Now........
Chris, I know it is hard. I am a big fish in a small pond. Everyone in my town knows every police officer by first name. Most have our cell phone numbers and call us when we are off of work when they need help. I really believe that anyone can come back from all of this. My father was a police officer. He retired and went back to work. He was hit by an 18wheeler. He had multilple back surgeries. Although he could never get back to work, he started doing something else. He is a Shriner. He goes out twice a week and sits in front of grocery stores collecting money for the Shriner's Hospital. No, he may not be the big bad police anymore. Now he is the gentle man who devotes his life to helping children. He was depressed for a long time. He only stopped feeling that way when he started getting out. Now, he sits in a chair for a couple of hours. After that he can't do anymore. But he meets lots of people and he feels like he is making a difference. It was 11 years ago that he had surgery. So it has taken a while for him to get to the point that he can do things again.
Chris chris...you said it all in a nutshell! To the "T"
The simplest thing as saying Good Morning, See you tomorrow, or even I can get it done for you sounds so foreign now. For some of you who will get to return to work, I wish you the very best. And for the rest of us, including me, my office is my kitchen table with my laptop, my sofa is my second office! Now that my beloved dog has passed away, the only one I talk to is my television and occasionally a friend calls. I plan on signing up to take some classes online to finish my degree this fall just to keep me busy...other than that, I wish I was back to work!Smile
Babebahn..."Tongues don't have erasers"
Injured 1999 3 level anterior cervical fusion 2001
Settled Work Comp Case 2006 w/ Lifetime Medical Currently, C7-T1 is being watched will possibly need surgery front/back fusion from C3-T2, lower back needs another facet injection.
Well, this is such a great question, and for everyone to respond.

But, for me, I use to really miss my work, a real lot. But now as time has been passing, I feel very comfortable not having to work anymore. I kind of put retired in front of my name, and I'm proud to say I'm Retired now. Cool

I don't miss work anymore. Cool Tongue
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Oh My Gosh, you guys are great, and thank you for responding. Sometimes putting your feelings into words and then crying a little bit helps things look clearer.

A note to Sweet: I didn't mean to offend you by saying I might have to return as a "clerk". There is a broad definition for clerk and in every type of business it means something different. In the school system, it is a gopher job. You wait on the counter, you file, you set up for business meetings and you clean up after the meetings. You get ordered around by anyone and everyone. I am sorry if I offended you. TongueTongue
Let Go, and Let God......
For all... a job is a job. The importance of the job is in how we feel about our job, and how well we do our job. A lot of you know Del from our travels to Oregon. I believe you could define him as a very proud man. And yet this man, who is very proud, assisted me towards obtaining the impossible for a girl from the country, family with no education etc. Del cared enough for me to help me achieve my life's goals. Not only this, but he was a man who worked in Philly in a Long Term Care Center as a Maintenance Department Head. While in this role, his wife became the health care administrator. He never said a word except to assist me and he went way beyond his job. And this is a man who was a plant supervisor in a Plywood plant for about 8 years while living in Oregon. In the facility it he and I both knew that get didn't get the same attention that the other departmen heads received. I have never heard him say a word about giving up his job in as a supervisor in a large plywood plant for his wife to join the military, be an officer which automatically receives a lot respect to not having a job and then working as a wax man on floors for around$5.00 an hour and also being called in the military The DEPENDENT. Then there is my father who gave to my life also, and he can't read or write anything beyond his name. And yet in my eyes he is one of the smartest men in this world. He loves his children unconditionally. He loves his wife unconditionally and he loves his father in heaven. He was a very strong man who would care for a large farm with cattle and fruit trees, an acre garden yearly and still work 100 hours every two weeks at a lumber mill. Additionally all by himself with us kids of course, he built 4 homes for us to live in by himself, from using the equipment to level the land, mix and pour the cement, lay the floor, put the trustes on, and then shingle the roof to doing the plumbing under the floow etc etc etc.... It was him who showed me how to work a job and how to be committed and honorable in that job. He had a lot of pride in his job and I can say with out hesitation that this wonderful man never earned more than about $10.00 an hour. Does that make him less than me because after MY education earn triple triple and triple times more. In my eyes and everyone he knows I would say that we all think he walks on water. He is a great man whether he earned his living working as a clerk or a CEO of some big organization. There is a story in the BIBLE about God giving something (I don't quit remember completely) to three men. He told them to go forth and triple your talents or something like that. However one man hid his coin (I think it was---I am so out of touch here) and when he came back he had done nothing with what he had...so Jesus took it away from him...I believe this is where "this little light of mine" comes from. I may have told that all wrong..feel free to correct me anyone. The moral of the story for us to use and learn from, I believe, is that "no matter what you choose to do in life, give it all you have and you will receive a whole lot back, such as my dad has. He has three grown children who love and would give their lives to keep him safe. My brothers and I would do anything for him. His grand children, of which he has 8 with one boy already passed, love him unconditionally. What he did, how much he made in life, who reported or didn't report did not matter..it is the man, his belief's and how he lives his life that matters.

I was a waitress for years ...then went to school and rarely worked a floor as many nurses did ... I went straight to mangement...some nurses do not like that but I did...but it wasn't because I was the head cheese... I believe strongly in leadership theories by Deming..who preaches quality improvement and performance improvement versus pointing fingers to who did what wrong, or situationally leadership by Blanchard and Harvey and we can not forget leadership as servant hood ... those about how you influence people to make good decisions about themselves and about their jobs. The importance of the job is insignificant. But for me, as well as Chris I believe...I miss being a leader..or least I hope I was because I am so thankful that I had an opportunity because of my position, to help a young girl from Nigeria or from the USA and who is living in a car with three children obtain an advance pay or bonus for something made up by me, so that she and her childrencan get out of living in a car and back where they can have heat. Or it could be as simple as smiling at a staff member because it touched my heart at what I just accidently saw them do, such as leaning down and hugging an elderly who has a feeble mind and body sitting in a W/C and then say something to this person that causes them to smile as well. If you called anyone one of my staff...I can say with out doubt to this day, they appreciate me and love me beyond measure because of how I loved them...... can you have this sort of impact on the lives of people as a clerk? The decision is all of ours. It could be a clerk at the end of our lives that enter heaven first because of the way they led there live.

Also, when I was in the military as an 03 there is a certain standard of traditional respect. So what being in charge of anything doesn't make me a better person, but it does give me an opportunity to care those direct reports who depend on me to help them learn to make good decisions for the company and for themselves. So whether you are a clerk or the president of the US, you are just as wonderful and not less than anyone else. If this is true, does it matter our role in life. What matters is what you each did with your role in life. That is what lives on even past your time on this earth. Sweet tooth..there is no reason to be hurt by a word used by ChrisChris, and there is not reason for either of you to feel offended or feel a need to apologize becaue both of you are caring, sensitive, and loving women, ST and Chris...hold your head high for what you did in each of your roles. God notices them all no matter what our role was or is in life... remember the night Christ was born..who came to see him ... the Wise men and the shepards. What does that say to all of us... then came the angels... no matter your role we can all be angels... we could be a wise man or we could be a shepard, in either case, god in his wisdom just taught me something very special and very wonderful...it was who I am not what I did, that is very important... just me thats all... you are all so special to me and I surely hope I didn't groof this up... but I believe we are all naturally wonderful people, and even thought wonderful people receive hard times, just like the not so wonderful people,...... we have those less than desirable times to build strength in each of us... I have seen all of you channel your energies, as well as me, as we all share, love, and care about each other, and just because...there is a God...love you all Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
I Miss My Truck, (Which I Lost Due to My Injury) I Miss My Crew, and the Great Folks who gave Me the Job Of Moving them, and I Miss as Much $3600.00 per Week!! But Thank God for w/c, My Hero's Pay Me $417.11 Per Week, and have been underpaying Me since Day One!! I Won in Court, but 45 Days Later, still no Back Owed Monies!! THANKS W/C!!! Sorry I just had to Vent, Thanks for Listening!!Wink
I miss my work and I think that is the hardest thing about all of this. We learn to live with the pain and our limits, it the feeling of a job well done that we miss, the people we worked with and things we could do for those we love with the wages we earned.

I spent many years as a ICU/ ER Nurse and enjoyed my work. When you can make a difference in someones life it gives us pride and purpose to what we do. I miss the many friend that I made as a Travel nurse, the fun of seeing new places and new things. The biggest thing I miss is feeling that I am making a difference, the hobbies that I can't and never will be able to do again. Standing in my kitchen and making homemade breads and canning fruits and veggie from my garden, Planting and working the dirt, the quilts for my children the costumes for the Grand children. The furniture the kids would bring me a picture and say Mom can you make me this? I still try when I am having a good day but usally don't finish it, It puts me in to much pain or I can't hold the needed tool if I can pick it up. But as with anything I tell myself and my children you only fail when you stop trying and I will continue to try. I have tried to return to work, not in the ER but as a Director and will continue to try again. Some where and somehow I can, and will be a part of life again.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
I miss the respectablity of earning a reasonable paycheck. I miss being treated as an equal, and an intellengent hardworking person. I miss being able to find ways of adding to my income using my abilities and skills and brawn..........even if I only weighed 110lb in my bare feet. I miss being able to walk the dog around the block......which by the way is an uphill and downhill experience, literally. I miss being able to work in my garden. I miss having even 1 minute of no pain at all. I miss being able to push a full grocery trolly around the shop without pain and extreme discomfort the following day. I miss my daughter being in high school instead of having to quit in order to help with the finances. I watch as every day my courage and ability to stand up for myself erodes thanks to the people at w/c. I miss being able to turn on some music and dance like crazy around the house. I miss being able to sleep undisturbed and without pain. I miss feeling totally in control and clear headed.

I am so glad that everyone here on this forum has been there for everyone else. Not one person here stands alone and I really really appreciate that. I love you all.
I miss the people that you seen at the job .... just a common conversation with humans ....... Maybe you call it the gossip but at least I felt like I was part of the community not hiding or hurting inside the house .. Chatting here helps .. But the fogbrain where you ask over and over the same question since I forget the answer lol

Just to have The BEFORE quality of life ..

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