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For Those Of Us Not Working Right Now........
What is it that you miss most about working?

I miss being somebody. I've been told by people in the past that I work like a man, and what they meant was that I put my self-worth into my work. That was a mistake, but how was I to know that I would be injured and thrown into a system that works against me. Well, I really can't say my IC has worked against me all the time. For the better half of my claim, they treated me pretty decent. The games didn't start until I had to be off work. Ok, this is not about the IC so I'll stop talking about them. I miss the early morning coffee, and the drive to the office. It was always a race to get the best parking places and it was something to tease and laugh about. I miss going to my office, seeing my name on the door, booting up my computer, and saying good morning at least 30 times as people passed by. Sometimes a coworker had either good or bad news to share, and I miss them sitting across from me in the extra chair and talking about what's going on. Sometimes it was funny and sometimes it was sad, but either way I miss laughing or crying with my coworkers. I miss going home for lunch, throwing together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and then resting my eyes for about 20 mins. to rejuvinate. Then back to work. I miss that at exactly 2 pm everyday I would go get a diet pepsi from the machine and I can't tell you how many of my dollars that machine ate! Sometimes one of the big bosses who knew I like diet pepsi would drop in on me, put a diet pepsi down for me, and just sit and chat about what's going on in the district. I was in the "know" and I really miss being important. I miss being acknowledged for a job well done. Even after my injury and I continued working, I put my all into my job. Slowly my job slipped away from me. I didn't even see it coming. I had one surgery and returned to work, and while waiting for a decision on a 2nd surgery, the depression took over and before I knew it, I wasn't working anymore.

I don't know if I will ever be the same as I keep explaining to my psychologist, something happened to me. I am changed. I believe I had a chemical change in my brain for as much as I try to get my act together, one day I'm there, and the next I'm having panic attacks again. I want to return to work, but I'm scared to death. I'm not the same person I was and no one will understand. I will be lucky if I am offered a clerk job, and that will be hard but whatever I do, I will put my best into it.

Ok, this is the blog I started, so if you would like to continue with your response to the subject at hand, please do so. Boy, I cry too easily. The tears are blinding me now. Love to all!

Let Go, and Let God......


I can totally relate to what you are feeling.

I miss being totally fix. The job I had at the time of both of my injuries was physically demanding. Not that I needed to get into shape, but it was nice to have muscular arms to show off when I wore certain tops.

I don't miss getting up at 3 am, because as you can tell, I still get up very earl. However, I do miss going over to my uncles after work and sitting and talking to him until my son got out of school. (Live in a totally different state now so that is impossible.)

Like you, I always put my best foot forward and gave my job my all. No matter what I did. I miss eating lunch in the cafeteria with the same group of people daily and catching up on what was going on in their lives and at work. You can get a lot of talking done in 1/2 hour.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to pick up groceries without hurting again, or being able to mow the lawn all at once and not hurt the next day, and we have a riding lawn mower. lol

Like you, I may be lucky to find a clerk job, but with weight restrictions that at times is impossible even with the no work at or above shoulder level and no repetitive movement on my arms. What job isn't repetitive??? Someone needs to tell me!!!!

Other than that, the one thing I don't miss is going home to a big house with just me and my son. I have met many angels along the way during my dealing with WC. Most are just names on a screen, yet they are friends in every sense of the word. And to top it all off, I met that someone special in my life as well during this time.

I AM one of those that wont be going back to work EVER i was a clerk at a cov. store
YES you can be hurt at a clerks job to! but i miss being able to walk across the yard more than work so be thankful if you CAN clerk .i cant even walk into the store without my hubbies arm or walker ,DO I MISS IT ? yes but my way of life more
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
I miss the fact that I was actually proud of what I could do at my job everyday,For being a woman doing a man's job and kicking most of the guys butts in production made me proud. Of course most everyone knows women that do a man's job feel that they have to prove that they can do the job, at least I did.I ran twice as many parts as most of the guys I worked with, my problem was not sucking up to the big boys, cause all those guys I beat are now supervisors, and guess what I trained them.But because I was so competitive and headstrong I got injured, not once but 4 times, was always able to come back until this last injury. deep down i really do miss it,But i can never go back to the job I was so proud of doing.Halftrak
no matter where you're at there you are
I can relate to each and every one of you guys. I too miss my job. I miss the routine of getting up early to go to work every day knowing that a lot of people depended on me to be there. I miss that fat paycheck as compared to the measly TTD checks I get now. I miss that feeling of accomplishment of performing a job that no one else had the knowledge to do. I miss talking with my friends that I worked with and sometimes lending a sympathetic ear to someone that was going through a tough time. When leaving my job at the end of the day I felt good because I knew that I had done a good job and had put in an honest days work.
<<<<<< Like Halftrak said, (Jayne's lame attempt to bypass the Bad Word Filter) kissers piZZ me off especially if it is my (Jayne's lame attempt to bypass the Bad Word Filter) they were trying to kiss. I do not miss the bosses that played all the political B.S. games to look good to their bosses.
>>>>>At this time I have no idea what sort of job I will be able to perform once I hit MMI but I'm sure there is a plan for me. If I had not became sick because of my job I would have never found this site or the friendship and support that comes with it.
>>>>>Thank You All! CD5591 :)
Nothing changes when nothing changes
Chris once again you have started a thread that meets my need especially today. I do believe that everyone of us missing the socialization of the work enviroment that may extent itself to feeling important. I have been working with a psychologist about detaching myself from my work and I have learned that the first thing I must address is my own personal self worth, not self worth that grows from being good at a job. I know now that I must detach my mind and my thoughts about who I was to who I am inside. This is of course related to what my morals, ethics, belief's, and values say I am. That is the real person, the person who will remember that my job is a wonderful delightful memory that is as a part in molding me into the person I truly am. I could talk all day about what I miss about my job. Number one..I was a nurse that cared about my residents while working in long term care, I miss the parents of disabled children when I was in Okinawa, I miss my patients when I worked in the hospitals. I am like Pooh about getting up early and so forth. I miss it. I miss jumping in my car to drive an hour to get to work. That morning drive was always a refreshing and relaxing time for me... so when I would walk through those double doors, I felt happy to be where I was. I miss my staff so much. They were just wonderful and great people. In my job, jail time was always a threat because of how the federal government was coming down on the state goverments about their surveys. So of couse surveys got more and more difficult. However, I have rarely had a moment when I thought of it like that. I believed and always have believed that the surveyors are our friends if we are not sweeting stuff under a carpet somewhere for them to find. Work hard to obey the laws and then I would know that my residents are safe, and my survies will be good. I could never have made that happen without my staff, especially my aids. They are the foundation of caring in a long term center. I always believed the most practical and caring way to assist you staff to desire to do the best job possible is to treat them as if they do the best job possible. Covey says, "See first to understand, and then seek to be understood." It was my job as an adminstrator to find the time to give my staff what they needed to enourage them to see their own value again. Unfortunately for all of them, there are so many it would be very difficult to find money from a position control sheet or a nursing budget. It is always rather easy to find more money for a few nurses versus 100's of nursing assistants. However, money doesn't make people in the jobs happy. Respect does. Respect and trust is what helps a person come to work everyday and know that this is where they want to be and what they want to do today. My residents, family members and all other departments are morehappy when they are working with a group of nurses who are happy. I miss teaching those concepts, I miss seeing my staff grow in love towards their job and the residents they serve. Every week I would have meetings with my staff and teach them a philosphy about a circle of trust. I believe it is combination of theories which has turned into my theory. It simply ask howdo you determine the most importantrole in the building. I would hear such things as DON, ADON, or Administrator or even the person who writes out the checks ...whichwould be a person at ADP. I truly loved explaining this theory to them. Stated simply, The most important role in the building is the person who is often paid the less and yet is closer to our customer. The customer being the residents living in their building...that role would be the one of a nursing assistant. Who knows how a customer wants to talk about in the morning, where they want their hair brush, perfume, tooth brush stored etc. Who knows better about what a resident likes to wear in the morning, and who knows how they like to eat and what they want to eat. Whether we as Americans have forgotten, once a person is older and more vulnerable to the world the begin to remember what matters most in life. What truly matters most for survival are written in Maslow's Hierchy is food, shelter, safety, warmed and food. The role that provides this with some love and caring attached while doing it, is the most important role in the building.

I miss walking everyday into a building and knowing that the decisions I make or assist a team to make through employee discussions and teaching, may make someone happy today or cause harm. I never wantedto cause harm so I must be on my toes at all times. So in a nutshell....I miss helping others to grow to their full potential whether it be the nurse, maintenance man, housekeeper, dietary person, or resident. I miss the contact with all of these roles and people. I miss my surveys. I miss even doing an investigations and attempting to get to the bottom of what led up to the events. I even miss testifying in court about diffierentsituation that happen in a home. I love helping a team of nursing develop an idea for nursing week. That was this month. I miss so much.....oh I loved to make and give my staff crafts and paintings. I would stay up hours for a couple of months before so that I could get them done for about 200 people or nurses. And I missed everyone night going home and it is already dark again, and meeting Sandy, Deloris, Theresa, Mary, and a few more...who were waiting for me to leave and say goodbye or asked me a question about something going on in the building a tad bit of gossip usually. So I have said enough...but I do miss so much and yet I am finding through all of you, that you all are whati s saving me from my own sense of loss of me...thanks so much. You are truly a great group of people who I could never forget. You have all done for me, what I hope I did for others in terms of caring and listening, understanding, allowing me to be me...and so much more. Love you Carol
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
I didnt have a fat paycheck at my job it was never about the money it was the satifaction....I helped people thru crisis in their life weather it be a tornado,flood.divorce,spousal abuse or just not enough money at the end of the month....I knew where to go to get a dollar here and a dollar there to get someone thru.......I knew where they could get a sack of groceries or help with an electric bill.I could with an hours notice put on a meal for 2000 people during an emergency (flood,tornado or storm)My name was known all over the state as a help to those in need...My bosses knew they could depend on me and my family to help were ever we were needed and we werent afraid to get our hands dirty...Police officers knew to call me first in an emergency..I worked with my best friend........After I got hurt my best friend stabbed me in the back to get my job....she died this year and we never resolved our problem......I dont even know the police officers names now....and to go anywhere outside my home I need a driver because my neck doesnt turn right and a migrain can hit at a seconds notice......The people who gave me rave reviews 4 years ago turn their heads when I walk by now like I turned traitor.....And they wonder why we are depressed........We were our jobs
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Thank you Chris for this thread.

What I miss most about my job as an Early Childhood Teacher is the students I worked with, the other children in the center. I miss the contact with the families.

I miss the socialization with others I worked with, although now when they see me they do not speak to me and pretend they do not see me.
Well what can I say!!!!!!!!!! I loved my job, but was looking forward to retirement, and all I wanted to enjoy, was sitting back and relaxing, spending more time with my family and grandkids. Well I now have what I wanted, but not by choice, but by a work injury and forced into retirement. I have adjusted to not working, and now enjoying retirement.

Good morning all. CC...Thank you for starting this thread. I'm sure there are alot of us who can vent and unload some pent up anger , hurt and frustration.

I am with the group and could be Halftrak's twin. Had predominately a man's job for 20 years. When I was 32 it was a breeze. At 52 it was a killer. My first supervisor loved me, my second one hated me. He refused to lower my lifting requirements even though 1/2 of my job was paperwork. I could have been a slug so like many others but that wasn't my work ethic. I took pride in what I did, how I did it and how I trained so many others to do thier job. I knew every job because I had worked myself up the ranks to a mid-level supervisor. Only had my supervisor on top of me and since there was no love lost he made my life a living hell for 10 years BUT I still continued to love what i did, did it and walked in every morning as CC with a happy "good morning" on my lips to everyone. I knew the day I was injured this time (5th injury) that I would never be able to return anymore than my supervisor would allow it. Funny thing is they have 4 people doing my job now, 2 of which are men and the other 2 are young girls. It's been 2 years and I am just starting to accept it. I am working hard at figuring a new life for myself because I also miss getting up early and having a destination that is not a Dr.s office. I feel empty and need to feel fulfilled. My life has been spent working, raising kids and taking care of others so I am very lost right now. God bless all of you, I can go on and on but I know you all understand.


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