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Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less. Sign the petition!

I would say that the 3% unemployment rate is high for my area considering that they have a hard time finding correctional officers for the prison in our area. They are actually bringing them from outside this area. With the drilling for natural gas on a boom cycle right now - even those companies have a hard time finding employees. The company my hubby works for actually has more applications than they know what to do with - partly because it is one of those that offer awesome matching for their 401K - they match 15% which is put directly into company stock. Totally unheard of in this day and age.
Yesterday a gentleman from an oil company came by the house, he had papers for my husband and I to sign giving up the oil rights of our land to this oil company in exchange for $135.00 a barrel.

I do have mixed feelings about this, I do not want someone drilling on my land, yet as bad as our nation needs oil do we have I responsibility to sign these papers.

This is the second time the oil company has visited us in the past month.

I do live in oil country, my son's school is named; Oil Hill.
Sign the papers, and help put people to work. You can't help what oil is costing, but you can help keep a American working. I would guess that is a way better way of looking at it.
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They could drill through my living room for $135.00 a barrel.....
Admin, As long as a gusher wasn't under hubbies chair........he gets sea sick.....LOL
Okay Admin, I guess you believe the $135.00 a a barrel is a good deal?
BK, $135.00 a barrell is great as long as they don't drill and then cap the well. LOL
Bummer Knees Wrote:Okay Admin, I guess you believe the $135.00 a a barrel is a good deal?
If you get a well producing several thousand barrels a day, yes, I think thats a good deal! (I also have a web site you can invest in!) Seriously, that sounds like a very fair price, since they have to cover their costs and make a profit. It's actually higher than I would think it would be.
But im the type of person who worries alot about the Fine print ... For gas to continue to rise the cost of crude needs to go higher ... What do you get paid bummer IF the well doesnt produce????
An excellent question....

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