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What's the formula for figuring out settlement ratings?
03-16-2008, 10:47 PM,
What's the formula for figuring out settlement ratings?
For instance, if both of my arms are found to be 20% loss, then how do I figure out settlement amount? I made about $700 a week.

Isn't it like x 500 weeks or something?
03-17-2008, 01:01 AM,
RE: What's the formula for figuring out settlement ratings?
it is all decided by your state rules should be listed someplace on the state site ..

go to top of this page and click on state infro
03-17-2008, 09:21 AM,
RE: What's the formula for figuring out settlement ratings?
Not all states have formulas.
03-17-2008, 11:53 AM,
RE: What's the formula for figuring out settlement ratings?
no if your whole body is 20% and YOUR STATE pays a max of 500 weeks it would be 20% of 500 or 100 times your PPD so saying what ever they are paying you a week now times 100 now there are variables in that hundreds of variables in it.......minus lawyer fees some IME fees that your lawyer ordered some lawyers have other fees added in to subtract....your settlement could be nothing it could be thousands....are you already getting PPD payments till you settle? if so you are burning up any lump sum.......will do sign away your medical? if so more could be added for is impossiable to tell you an exact dollar amount.....66 percent of 700 is saying a base amount of 46,200.....minus lawyer fees doc fees court fees ect...not near what we expect for such life changing boo it
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